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Fire Features – A Super Hot Trend

There is something so inviting about gathering around a cheery, outdoor fire. Bonfires on the beach bring back some great memories. Enjoying a glass of wine with friends around a terrace fire pit (at one of our favorite restaurants) is still a special Saturday night out. So I wanted to inspire you to think about adding a fire feature to your own patio or terrace, as we head into Spring. Even living in California, most evenings are cool enough to really enjoy a fire feature year round.

What fascinated me is how creative options have become. I discovered a great resource right in Los Angeles that has some innovative designs to offer. EcoSmar+ Fire has a showroom at 3641 Holdrege Avenue, Suite B, in Los Angeles. It’s right next to the Herman Miller showroom, which should help you to find it easily if you are in SoCal. Of course, you always have the option to shop on-line to see what it is that has me all fired up about them (pardon the pun).

Lighthouse seriesEcoSmart+ offers the traditional stone fire bowls in some wonderful anodized finishes. But it was their vertical fire fixtures (the Lighthouse Series) that really caught my attention. These fixtures come in varying heights so you can cluster them, or use them individually to light a walkway or seating area! I like that the fire source is glass-enclosed—no open flames—just in case you have little ones around.

Even more creative is using a mix-and-match approach to create an outdoor ambience with flair. The fire bowls work well as the centerpiece of a cozy seating group. Add to that one or two of the Lighthouse column fixtures, and you have an inviting (and romantic) setting right out your back door.

Oh, one last option to share with you. Do you already have an outdoor living room that could use a dramatic focal point? Check out EcoSmart+s “Built-In Bliss”. It’s a built-in fireplace that uses their XL900 burner to produce a lively linear flame. A more contemporary answer to your design wishes.

I fully expect this design trend of utilizing ALL of our living spaces (indoor and outdoor) to continue to escalate. Our exterior spaces are becoming an integral part of our lives, especially when entertaining. Here’s a wonderful way to enjoy this trend to the fullest and light-up your own personal get-away…. S’mores anyone?