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Floor Shopping Guide – Part 2

Prepare for Your Shopping Trip

Now that you have your measurements and an estimate, you can start shopping. Just remember to stick to your budget! If you’re shopping at a bricks-and-mortar store, don’t let the in-store displays derail your purchasing intentions.

You can shop for flooring in three places: online or in person at a retail store or home center. Shopping online is easy – you don’t have to leave your couch! But you may prefer actually visiting a flooring store and talking to a salesperson to get their advice about the floor you plan to have installed.

If you decide to visit a flooring store, here are few items to take with you:

Room measurements
Cost estimate
Room layout sketch
Decorating elements – throw pillows, paint colors, fabric swatches, anything portable that you want to use to decorate your room
Pics of the room
Once you’ve arrived at the retailer or home center, ask questions! Independent retailers have trained sales people ready to answer questions like:

Will hardwood flooring work in my bathroom? Basement?
Is vinyl flooring appropriate for my child’s bedroom?
Will I be able to install this floor myself?
How do I clean this floor?
Have other customers had any issues with this floor?
After you have all your questions answered, and you’re satisfied the floor you chose is right for your space and your budget, it’s time to buy!

Now you’re ready for Part 3: The Installation Process

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