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Floor Shopping Guide – Part 3

The Installation Process

This is where you get to see your vision for your room come to life!

If you plan to install your own floors:

Check your flooring manufacturer’s website for installation tips.
Visit an online DIY Center for helpful articles and videos.
Look at YouTube how-to videos.
Read DIY online forums and blogs.
When you’re ready to begin installing your floor, follow the directions closely – don’t cut corners!

If you plan to hire a professional installer:

Talk to friends and neighbors to find a trustworthy installer.
Ask your flooring retailer. They usually contract with installers they can recommend.
Try Angie’s List*, a website that offers customer reviews of local professionals. (*This is a paid service.)
After you’ve hired a professional installer, schedule a meeting to discuss:

The installation timeline
Satisfaction guarantee. Do they cover installation problems within a month? After a year?
Will they remove your old flooring?
Additional project costs. You don’t want any surprises when the project’s done.
Make sure to get a written quote!

Before the Installation

These tips will help protect your furniture and home during the renovation.

Remove all furniture.
Seal off other rooms to keep any odors and dust from entering the rest of your home.
Remind your family to wear shoes to protect their feet from stray splinters, nails, etc.
Now it’s time for Part 4: Floor Care & Maintenance

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