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Flooring Damage

A lot of damage can be done to your home flooring right under your nose. The simplest chore or habit can put the integrity of your flooring at risk without you even knowing. Wrong information and improper use can be the cause of your floor’s demise. As such, proper flooring education must be achieved. Knowledge about the kind of flooring damage you can get and its corresponding protocols can help prevent aggravated floor problems. Suffice to say that prevention is the best way to go about preserving the beauty of your flooring.

Scratches – Most of the time, homeowners scratch their flooring without knowing. Furniture legs, sharp heels and pet claws are the common reason behind flooring scratches. Putting protective pads in the legs of your furniture, trimming down the claws of your pet, and not wearing high heels inside the house can help prevent scratches from happening.

Discoloration – Discoloration is often due to water spills. Improper use of liquid cleaning products is also one of the major contributors for this flooring problem. In addition, some flooring materials are prone to fading under direct sunlight. This again can be one reason behind discoloration.

Moisture – Excessive moisture can damage your flooring though some kinds of flooring have moisture resistant qualities, too high moisture exposure can damage it. Most damage is done by moisture towards wood flooring. This is because hardwood has a weakness against water. Hardwood flooring can warp and swell because of high moisture.

Most of these damages occur without the consciousness of homeowners. Prevention is the best thing to do with these kinds of problems. Some damages are only due to carelessness, so it’d be easy to avoid them. Those that are not may require in depth study. Regardless, the fact remains that the aftermath can be impeded. You only need to know the causes of the flooring problem you have at home and the do’s and dont’s regarding home flooring maintenance.