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Flooring For The Living Room Is Now Changing

It was once the case that wall-to-wall carpet was the automatic choice for living room flooring, but that is no longer the case. In fact, it’s becoming more common to see most other types of floors in a living room, as consumers have grown tired of having to maintain carpet or keeping it looking new.

Carpet is more durable and stain resistant than it once was, but one thing that will never change is the amount of dirt it collects. Carpeting should be vacuumed 2-3 times a week to keep soil and dirt from embedding itself in the fibers, and it’s impossible to get all of it.

Nothing new is being said here and it’s one of the many reasons why people now choose hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, and even vinyl flooring for their living rooms.

Today’s busy lifestyle demands an easy to maintain floor, as few have the time to clean a floor three times per week. Those who do have the time would prefer not to. This is why more and more consumers are installing hard surface floors in the main living areas. They are more durable, easier to maintain and while not as soft, much more practical.

Most consider hardwood flooring to be the obvious choice, but alternatives are becoming more popular than ever. For example, bamboo floors have grown immensely in popularity for their environmental friendliness and durability. Provided that they’re coated with a formaldehyde-free finish and made by a reputable manufacturer, these green floors are perfect for us a living room floor.

Cork floors are an option becoming increasingly more used in living rooms, mostly because of its warmth and more cushioned feel. Cork is also quieter, so if installed in the room where the television is on, the sound won’t reverberate as much as a room with hardwood, laminate or ceramic tile. Also very eco-friendly, cork has an impressive list of benefits and great for the living rooms of our homes.

One thing that you also might want to take into consideration when choosing a living room floor is resale of the home. A well-chosen floor can not only provide years of service, but still look new when you go to sell your home. Nice flooring can make a powerful statement and be considered a major feature to prospective home buyers. A little extra spent now can save you thousands (or make you thousands) in the long run.

And if you need something soft under your feet while you’re sitting on the couch and watching television, area rugs are the most sensible solution. They add color and often can become the focal point of a room. This way, you can have function and exercise your inner-designer.