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Flooring For Your Home

There are many types of flooring nowadays. Some of the more well known kinds are laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, hardwood flooring, and cork flooring. With different designs and attributes, it’s quite difficult to choose which one would be more suitable for your home. So in order to help you in your choice, here are a few facts regarding each type of flooring material mentioned.

* Laminate flooring is the least expensive among the four and it is also the easiest to install. Care and maintenance is also less costly in comparison to other flooring materials.

* Bamboo flooring is next in line as a less expensive flooring material. But it is made from renewable products, which makes it more practical and eco-friendly than the rest. Bamboo flooring is endowed with insect repellant properties, has good durability, and a stylish look which make it stand out among the other types of flooring.

* Hardwood flooring is a material comes from a timber thinned out and shaped for home flooring use. Installation might not easy but the impact of hardwood flooring on your home is simply elegant to pass up. People use hardwood flooring for its durability, comfort and stylish look. Furthermore, maintenance for hardwood flooring is easy. All you need is a vacuum or a piece of cloth and you’re all set. However, it is imperative that you remember to avoid using water or any other liquid on this kind of flooring. Hardwood flooring absorbs water and that causes damage on it.

* Cork flooring is the most expensive flooring material but for a good reason. Though its price may be a bit steep, it offers amazing advantages as a home flooring material. This is why more people use this kind of material. Cork flooring is durable, insect resistant and stylish. But unlike the other material for flooring, cork has resistance to humidity and it does not damage easily by liquid spills. Cork comes from the bark of a cork oak tree, that’s why its strong, resilient and renewable.

Different types of flooring have different or intertwining advantages and disadvantages. Proper knowledge will help you discern on what will be best for your home. Whether you choose one type of flooring over the other, what matters is that you remember to properly care for it, so that it will last long.