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Sid Bourne reveals a new plywood that ticks all the boxes

GREAT news for the flooring industry, I have discovered plywood that really does what it says on the can. You may remember some time back when I wrote in CFJ about the extremely poor quality of plywood available, of course due to price.

That article was greeted with some concern from the plywood industry who felt that I was causing them problems. I replied that I make no apologies for ‘rubbish’ materials that are being sold in the UK. You know the one, you buy one you throw the next one away, you buy one you throw the next one away, sound familiar?

The times I have been on site when an installer has told me that he had 15 sheets of this ‘rubbish’ and had to throw half of it away because it was falling apart in his hands or on the journey to the job.

I have been on numerous jobs, especially on impervious installations, where a high quality vinyl has been installed and glued to the plywood, and then big bubbles have appeared under the vinyl. We have then found that the plywood has delaminated badly.

The supplier, when questioned, almost always denies responsibility and blames the installer. In fact, the fault was all down to the ‘rubbish’ plywood.

I have proved this many times when dealing with various complaints that I have been asked to investigate. The supplier, as ‘a gesture of goodwill’, usually agrees to pay for the issue, which is great, but then he continues to sell the ‘rubbish’ plywood.

Well now I have great news! The plywood you have always wanted is finally here. At the beginning I was, of course, sceptical with the claims. I asked FloorSkills to test the new plywood for different things, including cutting, pinning and a thickness test, to see if it did what it said on the can. The answer was a 100% yes.

FloorSkills used the plywood on their apprenticeships without telling any of the lads that it was new and designed for the flooring industry. They found that everyone who used it all said it was great plywood. Where did you get it from, they wanted to know?

The plywood they regularly use, they told us, falls apart or has someone’s clothing attached inside to bulk it out. We told them. Now every one of them is telling their bosses that they must buy it.

The specification claims on this new plywood are as follows: Its appearance is based on Class 1 from EN635-2; the actual glue bond is Class 3 exterior grade adhesive EN 314-2 (Exterior).

The good news it that is dried to a moisture content of between 8-10%, which is perfect for the flooring trade. It has a mixed hardwood species make up and a thickness tolerance of + or – 0.2mm.

And as you all know, the ‘rubbish’ plywood out there has, if you are lucky, a tolerance of 50% of its thickness. It also has overlay quality veneers without core overlap and gaps. Unlike the ‘rubbish’ you possibly buy now it has thicker outer veneers (minimum 0.75mm) and a density approx. 480-520kg cu m. It is also available in a range of thickness.

All in all, we now have a plywood which I know that each one of you flooring experts have been longing for. So where do we get it from? I believe it may become readily available. Contact Hanson Plywood for further information on our SP101 underlay plywood. E:

T: 01422 330444

T: 07841 500940

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