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Commercial Flooring News

Flooring Rebounds

The housing industry is finally on the way back up after years of saying it was only months away from recovery.

Along with that the flooring industry is also gaining steam. One need to look no further than Lumber Liquidators stock price (NYSE:LL) to see how the positive results and optimistic view of the company suggests alot of growth and opportunity still in the market.

There is another private company that has even more promise than LL (which is a great company either way). When this company decides to go public it will be a major major move in the market.

Flooring is a big ticket item and therefore alot of big companies are chasing this marketing, but so far it is still dominated by independents. Although that has started to shift toward bigger national chains at this point. Can independents fight back? Yes they can. There are a couple winning strategies against the big companies including Home Depot, Lowes, Lumber Liquidators and other mega chains. The real question is will the independents take the risks necessary to win in the future?