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Flooring that Captures the Peaceful Essence of Nature

Interiors inspired by Mother Nature evoke a style that’s balanced and satisfying to our senses, and continue as a hot trend in home decorating. Whether it’s a response to ecological awareness or the need for a nurturing serenity to counteract the chaos of life, homeowners look to bring the peaceful essence of the outdoors inside.

There’s no better way to create an organic and inviting space than with nature-inspired flooring. Crucial to the structure of every room, your floor also serves as a major décor element. It commands more space than any other individual surface except the ceiling, and it’s visible from any vantage point. That means, if you want to establish a nature-inspired design theme, start with the floor.

Nature-inspired decorating with hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl tile

Nature-inspired birch hardwood flooring
Nature-inspired hardwood flooring
Hardwood – The ultimate in natural materials, genuine hardwood is a renewable resource that delights the senses with its warm colors and beautiful, natural grains. Explore the many varieties available – from classic oak, maple and hickory to exotics like tigerwood and Brazilian cherry – and you’ll have no trouble finding a hardwood species that matches your style.

When choosing a hardwood floor, consider the amount of wear and tear it will get. Hardwood floors are extremely durable, but can show wear in high-traffic traffic areas. Some hand-scraped hardwood planks have enough variation to hide the wear. Another option is prefinished, high-performance hardwood infused with liquid acrylic that can easily stand up to scratches, dents and even pet claws.

Nature-inspired laminate flooring
Nature-inspired laminate flooring
Laminate – Laminate flooring is designed to look like natural materials such as wood or stone. With today’s manufacturing advances in true-to-life imagery, laminate offers visuals so strikingly realistic that you can’t tell the difference. In wood looks, you’ll see the distinctive grain patterns, authentic textures and rich, natural colors of fine hardwood. In stone looks, laminate captures the exquisite veining and subtle shade variations of marble, travertine and slate.

Laminate floors are perfect if you want the look of real hardwood or stone but not the maintenance or price tag. Laminate is durable and resistant to scratches and stains, and can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

Nature-inspired luxury vinyl tile
Nature-inspired luxury vinyl tile flooring
Luxury vinyl tile – Real stone does not make a practical, or even affordable, flooring option in homes, but you can still create the feeling of living with these beautiful, luxurious materials. Luxury vinyl tile faithfully reproduces the nature-inspired colors and patterns found in actual stone quarried directly from the earth. Unlike stone, however, luxury vinyl tile is soft and warm underfoot.

Let Mother Nature guide you in decorating. Simply look to the landscapes you are drawn to for inspiration, then match it to a hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl tile floor. The result will be a seamless integration of nature into your home without losing comfort, efficiency or function.

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