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There are significant demands on flooring in hospitality and leisure locations:

Burmatex was involved in an extensive refurbishment at Rothes Hall, Scotland.
The interior reportedly skillfully synchronises functionality and design with a striking finish.
Using the strands product range has maximised the large space within this entertainment and conference venue; with the different colour saturations presented by strands five, strands ten and strands sixty being used to create defined areas in shades of aqua and night.
In this installation strands’ simple yet effective range offers a flowing scheme with a powerful impact across the large space. In addition to burmatex BREEAM rated carpet tiles being suitable for use in heavy contract situations; this layout includes generous entryways of burmatex’s specialist entrance barrier product, armour.
Protecting internal finishes, burmatex armour is designed to prevent up to 90% of dirt and moisture being tracked into buildings. This range re-styles secondary entrance barrier solutions, offering a product with expert design and technical knowledge – with armour graphite block and armour graphite stripe used in this distinct layout.
The complementary designs and colourways available in this product range are said to enable leisure industry specifiers to maintain an attractive as well as functional appearance.
Junckers supplied Black Oak Harmony to be fitted in the latest Radisson hotel. The dark and sumptuous floor at the Blu Riverside Hotel reportedly adds a dramatic backdrop to the bar and restaurant area.
The specification stipulated a dark, solid hardwood floor in an oiled finish that could cope with the wear and tear of a busy restaurant.
Junckers solid Black Oak Harmony has the dark stain drawn deep into the plank designed to ensure it won’t scratch. It can also be sanded and refinished without losing depth and colour, says the manufacturer. It is also said to be quick and easy to maintain and spot repair.
A factory applied oiled finish means the floor can be used and walked on as soon as it’s installed.
Kährs supplied over 1000sq m of Walnut Montreal for installation on walls and floors at the multi-award winning Corby Cube. Designed by Hawkins\Brown, the sustainable building combines an arts and civic centre. All Kährs flooring was supplied and installed by Reflex Sports, for main contractor, Galliford Try.
The Corby Cube’s simplistic black and glazed external structure is highly complex on the inside, and includes council offices, public services, a public library and the first theatre to gain a BREEAM Excellent rating.
All areas are accessed via a spiralling ramp or promenade. Installed through the interior, on floors, clad to walls and on the theatre’s hydraulic stage, Kährs Walnut is said to create a rich, vibrant aesthetic, a durable surface and an eco-friendly floor option.
Crafted from sustainable timber, Kährs Walnut Montreal is an even grained wood floor, with a three-strip stave design and a solvent-free satin lacquer prefinish.
The floor’s construction is based on Kährs original multi layered design patented in Sweden in 1941; it uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below. This design, alongside Kährs Woodloc joint, is claimed to provide greater stability, promote fast installation and eliminate gapping.
Milliken worked with the world-renowned architecture and design firm, The Rockwell Group, in the renovation of the Lincoln Center, New York.
Doug Hosney chief officer, Jazz at Lincoln Center, explains:
‘It was important to find a floorcovering that represented the culture at the Jazz at Lincoln Center.
‘In addition to offering a luxurious, comfortable and inviting feel, we wanted to provide an identity to each unique area, without forsaking durability and functionality.’
Milliken’s Allumé collection was chosen from a multitude of options, boasting many striking patterns and the ability to identify distinct areas of the space based on the patterns chosen in a cohesive manner.
With two floors and multiple spaces, the movement created with the light-inspired designs encourages people to explore the venue. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, the modular, 36in tile format of Allumé offered a flexible and practical solution both for initial installation and on-going maintenance.
Moving away from the previous floorcovering in muted earth tones, the goal of the renovation was to represent the vivacious identity of the organisation within the facility.
‘Allumé was a bold departure for Jazz at Lincoln Center and dramatically changed the space. With the outstanding end result, we wouldn’t have it any other way,’ concludes Doug Hosney.
Polyflor Expona Control has been installed at the Slattery Patisserie and Chocolatier. Developed for use in busy commercial areas, Expona Control is described as the first flooring product of its type, combining the design benefits of a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) with the sustainable slip resistance of an HSE compliant safety floor.
Installed by Manchester based Winton Flooring, a member of the CFA, over 300sq m of Expona Control’s Cambrian Stone featured in the renovation of the ground floor.
John Slattery, owner of the business comments ‘Due to the heavy footfall we experience and the climate in the North West of England, we required a design-led flooring with sustainable slip resistance to ensure the safety of my customers and staff. Expona Control was the obvious choice’.
Expona Control is fully HSE compliant, offering the same slip resistance specification as Polyflor’s market-leading Polysafe ranges. The slip resistance is sustainable for the guaranteed life of the product due to its achievement of 36+ in the pendulum wet test and 20 microns of surface roughness.
The enhanced wearlayer is designed to create a rougher, harder friction surface to ‘bite’ into the sole of footwear, resulting in the necessary durability and underfoot safety required of the flooring. Furthermore, once Expona Control is installed and maintained correctly, the slip resistance commonly improves over time.
A clean floor is a safer floor, and the incorporation of Polyflor’s PUR technology reportedly provides an easier regime for maintenance staff and a reduced need for energy, power, water and chemical consumption.
Developed for use in commercial areas which receive a high level of traffic, Expona Control is claimed to be the first flooring product to marry the design benefits of traditional LVT with safety flooring. The range boasts 14 designs combining neutral stones and popular woodgrains; suitable for any purpose or design-led installation where safety is paramount.
In contrast to traditional safety flooring, Expona Control is complemented with a range of inlay strips which allows for countless design possibilities. Tiles and planks from the wood and stone collections can also be installed side-by-side to delineate rooms and create zonal areas.
Tarkett has reportedly given diners visiting Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall more to admire than just the cooking. As part of a recent restaurant renovation project, Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design team were commissioned to produce a bespoke design.
Using 128,000 individually cut tiles, the team created a repeating black and beige pattern that was installed at the entrance and around the bar area. In total over 80sq m of flooring was created from Tarkett’s Luxury Vinyl Tile iD Inspiration 70 range.
Samantha Jones, head of Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design Service, said: ‘We had to cut exact replicas of thousands of tiny tiles no bigger that 25mm. A high degree of accuracy and attention to detail was vital. The results look fantastic.’
The tiles were cut with a sonic blade which oscillates at 20,000 cycles per second, creating a precision cut which can produce details as small as 3mm in diameter.
Samantha explained: ‘We can be incredibly accurate and because of this can create almost any design. Designers and architects come to us with all sorts of ideas and fulfilling them is a challenge we enjoy.’
The 128,000 individual tiles were then used to build 320 larger 50x50cm tiles for easy installation.
Tarkett’s iD Inspiration 70 range, launched last year, is manufactured with a 0.70mm transparent PVC wearlayer which means it’s hard-wearing without losing any of its visual appeal. The range is also environmentally friendly being 100% recyclable, and includes a minimum 48% recycled content.
Tarkett’s LVT range is stated to be one of the few products on the UK market that is manufactured and designed in Europe. This means both products have a carbon footprint lower than those manufactured in the Far East. VOC emissions are also below quantifiable levels, contributing to an optimal indoor air quality.
Matthew Thomson, chief executive of Fifteen Cornwall, said: ‘We’re really pleased with the finished design. Visually it’s very impressive and contributes to an excellent looking restaurant.’
Steve Urwin, Tarkett UK Marketing Manager, said: ‘As this project shows, it’s incredibly versatile and being so hard-wearing is suited for use in a wide variety of sectors – including retail, leisure and care.’
Tremco Illbruck stresses the importance of good installation of flooring in hospitality and leisure locations which are often subject to heavy foot traffic. Even the best quality floorcoverings can fail if they are not installed correctly, says the company.
Tremco Illbruck’s SF110 carpet adhesive is reportedly well suited to the often rigorous demands of the hospitality sector which can extend from events at country house hotels and spas to fitting out palatial motor homes or the re-locatable pavilions seen at outdoor exhibitions and big sporting events.
SF110 is a water-based synthetic latex adhesive which is said to offer good bond strength and a long open time. It can reportedly be used for laying hessian, ActionBac, felt, rubber gel and latex backed carpets.
The product is described as non-flammable and not likely to promote mould growth especially where crowds may be regularly bringing moisture in on their shoes.
Ultra Floor reports that its contract flooring solutions for subfloor preparation have been used to transform a number of hotels across the UK.
In a recent example, Ultra Floor’s polymer emulsion primer, Prime IT N, for non-absorbent substrates and rapid curing smoothing compound, Level IT Super30 were used to transform the kitchen and corridors in St Martins Lane, one of London’s most elegant 5 star hotels, located at the hub of Covent Garden.
Level IT Super30 is claimed to set to walk on in as little as 30 minutes, enabling impervious floorcoverings to be laid after just three hours. It was chosen for use in this luxury hotel, where downtime had to be kept to a minimum.
The Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford Hotel, a new landmark on Surrey’s most celebrated street, benefited from an Ultra Floor makeover during its construction. Ultra Floor’s Level IT one HDB, Level IT two and Prime IT AR were used to prepare the substrates throughout the hotel prior to fitting a selection of vinyls and carpets.
Level IT one HDB is designed to smooth undulations and to build depths of up to 50mm. It was applied to the substrate prior to the application of Level IT two to provide a level surface. Level IT two, once cured, provides excellent surface strength and withstands minimal foot traffic whilst waiting to receive the floorcovering – great for busy working sites where floorcoverings may not be laid for several days after application.
Ultra Floor’s Level IT SmoothFlow was used to complete subfloor preparation and Amtico floor covering installation in the kitchen and restaurant areas in the Travelodge at Gatwick Airport. Level IT SmoothFlow is claimed to give a flawless finish and is particularly suited to installations of vinyl, rubber and linoleum where imperfections in flooring underlayments can result in poor aesthetics. It was chosen for this luxury vinyl installation.
Accommodation within the Hilton group, Centre Parcs and Roundhouse Barn Holidays are some of those venues which have undergone refurbishment work using Ultra Floor’s proven, high specification products.

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