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A variety of flooring is used in hospitality and leisure areas:

Interface has launched its first carpet tile collection available globally. Urban Retreat is inspired by people’s instinctive love of nature, a science known as ‘Biophilia’. The collection comes in three distinctive designs.
Interface worked with designer David Oakey, who specialises in nature inspired design, to create the collection. Biophilic designs are said to help to bring nature indoors.

Colour palettes in the collection are described as being evocative of heritage stones, forests, and savannah grasses. The tiles include patterns with soft edges, said to be reminiscent of Lichen on a stone wall or moss in the elbow of a branch. The collection’s woven look was created with Interface’s computer driven Tapestry machine, said to be the first of its kind in Europe.

The collection includes hardwearing carpet tiles, designed to withstand heavy traffic. It is available in three styles, each with a range of commercial colours. The tiles can be mixed and matched and installed in a variety of methods.

Urban Retreat One is available in three patterns combining sharp and blurred, classic and futurist, eclectic and austere patterns.

This range comes in eight colourways in a complex primary pattern and eight boldly mixed colours in a transitional pattern.

They share four accent tiles that link and separate each pattern to let imaginations run wild.

Urban Retreat Two includes three patterns reflecting the orderly and the organic in a restrained palette. The tiles have a simple grid and understated cord pattern mixed with a texture like the bark of an ancient tree. Mixing these patterns accentuates differences in scale, volume and movement. The range has eight neutral colourways.

Urban Retreat Three is said to evoke elegance with a shimmering linen-like finish inspired by shifting shades with fine fissures. Its three patterns share the same eight hues in Urban Retreat Two, and both pair with Urban Retreat One.

Pallmann offers training courses on what lacquers are best to use on wooden floors in the leisure and hospitality industry. Described as a ‘straight talking’ course, experts at Pallmann will walk you through the five steps to cleaning and maintenance for wood floors.

The session is designed to give hands-on training for all aspects of wood floor maintenance and it’s free to attend!

The training sessions are run at the company’s technical forum in Rugby. (T: 01788 530080).

Pallmann claims that its wood floor installation systems are fail safe when used correctly. That’s why it offers a two year warranty for everyone who attends each of its five steps training sessions for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.

Sika supplied SikaBond AT-80 and Sikaflex EBT adhesives for a professional flooring finish with 30sq m of luxury wooden flooring at Mayfair Hotel in its new cigar lounge.

Comprising a combination of the powerful Sika polyurethane (PU) technology and modified silicone (MS) technologies, SikaBond AT-80 is a new type of hybrid polymer that ensures a high quality elastic adhesive bond.
To help bring the finishing touches to the installation, Sikaflex EBT in black was also used to seal and fill the edges of the floor in the new partly covered cigar lounge, which was designed to replicate the look of a ship’s deck.

Sean Barry, buyer at EE Smith, said: ‘After speaking to a specialist at Sika, we decided what products would work best on this project, given its partially external nature, which meant the flooring would at times be exposed to the elements, coupled with the fact that the project needed to be finished to a very high standard. SikaBond AT-80 and Sikaflex EBT proved to be easy to use, fixing the real wood flooring permanently.’

Owing to its elastic properties, SikaBond AT-80 can also help to reduce the passage of footfall sound, a point of particular notice when installing wood floors in settings where travelling noise can be a problem.

Similarly, Sikaflex EBT is a unique elastic polyurethane that can stick, seal and fill, providing a premium, multi-purpose product that is suitable for use on a wide range of jobs. CFJ

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