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FloorSkills Has Course On New Product

Sid Bourne tests decorative polished concrete floor

ONE of my roles, whenever I get the chance, is to find products that are a bit different and which can help installers add to their earnings.
I have found and tested a product that comes in both floor and wall versions. The supplier tells me it is suitable for both domestic and commercial installation.
The product, Concreate, is an interior polished concrete floor panel which is planned to include a wood inlay to be launched soon. It is made up of magnesium oxide cement which is mixed with natural minerals, sand, water and recycled fibres. It is finished with three coats of high solid natural oil.
Specifiers will ask if the product is green? In fact magnesium oxide cement is claimed to be one of the world’s most sustainable building materials needing over 50% less energy to manufacture than traditional cement used in other concrete floors. With no toxic chemicals, it is fully biodegradable and virtually VOC free.
FloorSkills has worked with the supplier to create an installation and technical course for people wanting to install the product. FloorSkills training centre is based in Solihull West Midlands.
or contact Matt on n T: 01564 703900
When we tested this product we were impressed with its ease of installation. As with any flooring product it is essential to follow the guidelines for subfloor preparation.
FloorSkills offers a subfloor prep course as well as where this new product can be installed and the tools required.
The FloorSkills course includes treatments, repairs, replacement and maintenance. Suitable for a niche market, this product is different from anything out there. The courses start in May.
Next month I will return to my normal articles with some installation horror stories that will shock, including my best mate Bob the builder and friends.
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