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Giving Helpful Service Makes Good Sense

Craig Pawson on what to tell customers about wooden floors

COMPETITION for customers can be fierce in the flooring trade. This is why contractors need to know the business inside-out and be able to provide the perfect solution for each client. You can set yourself apart by being knowledgeable about product benefits.

As a contractor, you need to think about the whole process of a job. From selling the initial idea to selecting the materials; and from installation to after-sales. When a contractor gains a client’s trust, they are more likely to get future custom. You should therefore be honest when giving guidance throughout the selection and installation stage. One material might suit one project, perhaps as a short- term and affordable solution. Other customers may need something different, expecting guidance to understand their investment.

Whilst people invest in improving their home, products should be considered in the long term. Those improving their homes want most for their money, including long-term aesthetic appeal. Selecting a top quality product can add value to the home through aesthetics and saleability. Cheaper alternatives will provide instant benefits which may be short-lived solutions.

Flooring options such as wood and tiling provide excellent benefits for home improvements. But ensure the job is done properly and the quality of the materials are not jeopardised.

Wooden flooring adds value to homes. The material is hugely adaptable –allowing renovation or a simple rejuvenation. The adaptability of wood is a highly appealing selling point. With basic routine care and maintenance, wooden flooring can also be made to last the lifetime of the home, whilst maintaining a

great appearance.
I know of many customers seeking advice on replacing existing hardwood flooring where it has not been cared for correctly. Wood is unique in the fact that it can be stripped back to its basic form, giving a completely new feel. When your tired linoleum needs replacing, it generally needs taking up, likewise when your carpet comes to the end of its life. But if your wooden flooring looks tired, it is highly unlikely you would need to replace it. This saves time and also a great deal of money.

In my opinion, it is the responsibility of flooring contractors to ensure that clients make the most of their money. There is little point in encouraging customers to invest heavily in something that will give them minimal return.
Giving customers the best advice for their requirements maintains our reputations and also gains our customers’ trust.

Craig Pawson is Osmo’s flooring specialist


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