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Going With The Grain

The suppliers of wood and laminate flooring offer an enormous choice:
Atkinson & Kirby has introduced a range of classic white oak. The Contemporary range comprises 10 colours, all 189mm x 15/4mm x 1860mm with click profile.
Whitewashed Oak, a product in the Contemporary range, was recently selected by the television presenter and property expert Catherine Gee.
She commented: ‘I absolutely love the natural beauty of wood: it looks lovely, it’s warm, and practical, and was the obvious choice of flooring for my new kitchen.
‘I am also passionate about supporting British companies, so Atkinson & Kirby were the perfect people to supply my hardwood floor; they have a small, family firm ethos and play an integral role in their local Lancashire community.
‘They also have fantastic, high quality products and brilliant service – you can tell by talking to the staff that they love their floors!
‘As my kitchen can be quite dark, I needed a light-looking floor but something that would fit into my older village property – after lengthy deliberation, many samples – and patient on-going advice from Atkinson & Kirby – I choose the Whitewash finish from the Contemporary range.’
Bona has launched a system of exceptionally low VOC oil finishes combining robust wear properties with an optional two-dimensional design effect!
The system comprises new Craft Oil, available in six shades, and which is said to deliver a deep protection against wear combined with a natural, classic looking oiled surface.

Alternatively, to achieve a two-dimensional effect with every line, knot and contour of the wood highlighted, the floor can be pre-treated with either of Bona’s new pre-treatment products, Nordic Tone or Rich Tone.
Nordic Tone provides intensively white highlights and is claimed to inhibit any yellowing of the surface. It can be used on softwoods and hardwoods. Pre-treating with Rich Tone reportedly creates a rich, dark brown colouration, similar to smoked Oak. An even more intense effect can be achieved by adding one of the Bona Mix Colours, concentrated pigment pastes, to the Rich or Nordic Tone.
Any of the six shades of Craft Oil can then be applied over the pre-treatment. If heavy wear is expected the surface can be finished with a coat of Bona Hardwax Oil.

Bostik now offers two products designed for working with wood flooring as part of the new range of Laybond adhesives. Bostik Laybond Wood Bond is a heavy duty rigid adhesive for surface bonding wood flooring. It is a filled solution of synthetic polymer resins in a blend of solvents formulated to a trowelling consistency. It is said to be suitable for bonding all types of parquet flooring, woodblock and woodstrip.
Bostik Laybond Wood MS Bond is a high strength solvent-free adhesive for surface bonding wood flooring where a flexible product is required. Offering an elastic bond and good initial grab, it is reportedly compatible with underfloor heating and suitable for bonding all types of wood flooring, including wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, engineered, laminated and solid wood plank/strip flooring.
Fila offers a range of care products for wood and laminate floors. Timber care products include Fila Cleaner, a cost effective concentrated liquid solution, and Fila Parquet Net, available in a spray.
Whilst providing effective, streak-free cleaning, each product is said to be safe to use in the home environment and isn’t harmful to animals or children. Both the Cleaner and Parquet Net are highly biodegradable, non-flammable and free from harmful ingredients.
Fila Cleaner is formulated to care for sensitive materials and is safe for use on all untreated and pre-finished wood and laminate floors, apart from those with waxed finishes. Once diluted by one part cleaner to 200 parts water, the solution can be used for both manual cleaning, with a mop or cloth, and is also suitable for use with floor cleaning machines.
Fila Parquet Net is designed for all types of wood floors, including varnished, waxed and oil treated surfaces. It is suitable for both spot treatment and whole surface cleaning and can be sprayed directly onto the floor’s surface or applied with a cloth. It can also reportedly be used for the removal of black scuff marks and can be used on all other interior wood surfaces. Both products are said to leave no residue and require no further rinsing after use.
Gekko says its G1 adhesive dispensing system has benefits for the fitters, including clean workwear, and clean hands!
One flooring contractor reportedly commented ‘My fitters have been coming back cleaner since using the Gekko GI’. Not only is the work being done quicker, but the fitters are giving a more professional image to clients, as well as reducing workwear costs for the contractor, by keeping themselves and the work area cleaner.
Tests reportedly show the Gekko G1 to be five times faster than trowel application as well as increasing coverage by as much as 25%.
The upright design means the operator no longer has to kneel on the floor to apply adhesive, and the battery powered operation means operators will not trip over cables or air lines, like other applicators.
Granwax Hardwax Oil was selected for the wooden floors and five full length ten-pin bowling lanes at Dog Bowl, Manchester.
Alan Ray, md of Traditional Flooring UK, called in to renovate the floors, explained, ‘It took 10 days to complete the project which involved using a full damp proofing membrane, and levelling screed to deliver moisture-resistance, plus uniformity and consistency.
‘Wood floors are used extensively in bowling alleys due to their strength and stability. They are durable and shock resistant, and can be restored to their original beauty over time.
‘At the Dog Bowl, the process involved sanding and repairing the floor, followed by sealing with environmentally friendly oils and resins. Granwax Hardwax Oil was chosen for its superb wear capabilities, its ease of use and maintenance.
‘This finish is a blend of natural oils and waxes that offers exceptional durability and resistance, and is suitable for floors with high levels of footfall. It also helps enhance the colour and look of the wood.’
IDS says the specification of its Tuscan Elite engineered wood flooring range has been improved, enhancing performance, aesthetics and installation ease.
Bona lacquer has replaced the previous air-dried finish providing enhanced wear and performance. The core material has been changed to a multi-ply base offering greater dimensional stability.
Three of the 15 effects on Tuscan Elite are now available in a wider board of 150mm, reflecting consumer demand for wider planks. The new multi-ply base makes this possible. The 150mm option is available initially on Barley, Toffee and Natural, in two finishes of brushed & lacquered and hand scraped. Stock is available on these three effects and the new width will be rolled out in more effects in 2014.
Tuscan Elite engineered flooring, which comes with a 25 year residential warranty against manufacturing defect.
It is part of the Tuscan portfolio, exclusively distributed by IDS, comprising 41 solid wood and engineered finishes.
POS packages including smart displays stands and consumer brochures are available from IDS.
Junckers solid hardwood floors in an oiled finish were recently chosen for Kensington Palace State Apartments in Kensington Gardens, a building of special architectural interest.
Fixing to the original fabric is strictly controlled by English Heritage. As a result Junckers wide board oak floors were specified and installed with Junckers’ own floating clip system. This avoided the need for glue or nails.
Historic Royal Palaces’ architect, Carden & Godfrey worked closely with contractor NDB to provide specially-designed details to resolve the junctions between the old and new joinery.
Kährs says its new Harmony Collection reflects the key trend for rustic natural surfaces with subtle design features. The cost effective range includes 14 designs, each crafted in Sweden from sustainable European oak and ash.
Hand-brushing removes pulpy softwood to expose natural graining and annual rings, which reinforce the natural look. Some designs are bevelled and smoked to add further distinction and each floor has a durable, easy-care matt lacquer or oil prefinish.
All floors have a three-strip design. Pale toned colour options include Oak Frost and Oak Dew with a strong Scandinavian feel, on-trend grey toned Oak Limestone and the lightest floor, white Ash Alabaster, also with a micro-bevel along all four sides.
Mid-toned options include Oak Citrus, Granite, Stone and Ember, in shell pink, camel brown and golden tones. The darkest floors – Oak Smoke, Kernel, Bean, Soil, Moss and Lava – have a rich tone, in earthy and nut brown shades, through to ebony.
Each design from the Collection features Kährs ethical construction. Based on Kährs original design, patented in 1941, it uses sustainable hardwood down to the floor’s joint, with fast-growing spruce, pine and poplar below.
This method, alongside Kährs Woodloc 5S joint, is said to provide greater stability, promote fast installation and eliminate gapping throughout the lifetime of the floor. All designs can be laid on most dry, level surfaces and over underfloor heating systems.
Mapei has developed a new soundproofing system – Mapesilent Slatted – for solid and engineered tongue-and-groove wood floors. The new system combines a slatted soundproofing mat and a thixotrophic elastic adhesive. It is designed for fast, easy installation onto concrete, smoothing compounds, prepared anhydrite based screeds and existing tiles.
Mapesilent Slatted is suitable for both residential and commercial application, in new build construction and renovation.
Combining the advantages of a floating and fully bonded wood floor installation, Mapesilent Slatted is claimed to reduce impact sound by 19dB at 3mm thickness and 22dB at 5mm. It also reportedly provides low adhesive consumption and eliminates small substrate imperfections.
During installation, the slats between the high quality polyethylene foam are filled with solvent-free Mapei Ultrabond S997 1K or Ultrabond P990 1K adhesive. Wood flooring should then be installed, with sufficient pressure applied to achieve full contact with the soundproofing system.
Mapesilent Slatted is available 3mm (25sq m roll) and 5mm thick (20sq m roll) both 1.5m wide.
Pallmann products were used in Bedford School. This independent school for boys, founded in 1550, is run by the Harper trust charity. Former pupils include the runner Harold Abrahams and more recently the current England cricket captain, Alistair Cook.
When the floor of the Great Hall in the main building needed renovation the school called for the expertise of local wood-floor craftsman Mick Thompson, who has a long established reputation and connections with the school.
Mr Thompson applied three coats of Pallmann Extreme lacquer for its hard wearing quality and smart appearance.
The primer coat was PALL-X 325 which provided a full bodied base for the system. He carried out all 600sq m of the work himself, a testament to his hard work and the ease of application of the Pallmann system.
Parador recently introduced 28 new laminate flooring products. The new decors and surface textures adopt current interior furnishing trends. New to the range, for example, are two laminate floors with synchronous textures and classic installation patterns.
From the Trendtime range, there is Oak Tradition, said to reveal a classic oak in a medium natural decor in ‘natural’ and ‘limed’ colour options, and Oak Century aimed at lovers of rustic floors. The new oak decors come in Trendtime 1 (1285 x 158 mm) and Trendtime 2 (850 x 95 mm) formats.
Offering decors with historic installation patterns there is Oak Versailles in an elegant, French herringbone pattern, and in the Trendtime 8 format 1285 x 330mm. Oak Maritime is an adapted version of a typical boat deck and Oak Louvre comes in a checkerboard look.
Parador has also developed a new decor in the Wine & Fruits series, Trendtime 1 Globetrotter urban nature modelled on old pieces of wood featuring signs of wear and also faded typographical fragments.
Trendtime 6 Construction Timber involves imitations of scaffold planks, bleached by the sun with a special patina from the lime, dirt, cement and paint residue found on a building site. Other new decors include Oak Rustic, Oak Vintage sawn and ‘Larch Antique, offered in wideplank or 2-plank versions.
Four new fantasy decors include Rodeo in a cowhide collage, Castello, a mixture of old Spanish tiles, Patchwork piecing together used carpets in a new laminate floor, and Scientific, a potpourri of patent drawings from different eras.
Primatech says its non-toxic PrimStick hot melt adhesive (sticks of 1 x 25cm) holds strongly on both concrete and wood subfloors. It comes in two fast curing versions, the G060 for quickset applications, said to cure in five minutes, whereas the G180 for longer open time and more heat resistance applications, reportedly cures in eight minutes.
Other applications for PrimStick include board replacement and the setting of wood mouldings such as transition strips, quarter round, T-Moulding and many more.
The G100 multi-task applicator is offered with one regular application nozzle and one for hollow spot filling. Its melting temperature and stroke adjustments are designed to provide precision and smoothness of operation.
Quick-Step describes its Imperio range as offering the timeless style and classic looks of oak flooring. The extra wide and extra long plank dimensions of this collection are designed to ‘showcase the natural beauty of authentic wood flooring in all its glory’.
The planks come prefinished in a high quality, protective oiled or lacquered finish for hardwearing durability and straightforward installations. Thanks to the convenient Uniclic Multifit system, the tongue and groove edges of Imperio planks can be clicked together for speedy installations.
Available in six shades, the collection encompasses modern colour trends sure to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes. Alongside Villa, Variano, Palazzo and others, the Quick-Step hardwood portfolio offers contractors a fast-track solution.
Rustins has added a Floorboard Gap & Joint Filler to its flooring range. The new product is based on a flexible water-borne, non-yellowing acrylic resin. It is designed for use in combination with saw or sanding dust from carpentry work as a colour-matched filler for gaps between flooring boards and joints.
Benefits include quick drying, low odour, easy to sand, fills the gap and doesn’t sink, matches the colour of the wood, and can be coated with all Rustins’ flooring finishes. Sizes include 1litre, 4litre and are available from all good independent retail stores
T&R Floor Covering Distributors stocks an extensive range of Kährs wood floors from traditional one-strip oak boards to metallic-infused designer products. Collections include Kährs Original and Linnea ranges, as well as exclusive designs from the Supreme Range.
T&R also offers complementary accessories and maintenance products, along with expert specification advice and a fast, efficient service.
New designs in T&R’s range include Kährs Founders Collection in eight new rustic oak designs. Heavy brushing, handscraping and smoking techniques are used to emphasise the lively grained timber and tactile finishes, whilst a distinct bevelled edge complements the boards’ single plank format.
The products are available for standard two-day delivery or next day, by request.
Ted Todd, now celebrating 20 years in the industry, says it is taking bespoke design to a new level with the launch of Create. This is described as an innovative programme using CAD technology to provide simple solutions, offering over 30,000 combinations of luxury hardwood flooring to meet customers’ exact specifications.
Said to be easy-to-use, the system is accessed via the website.
It offers a straightforward three stage process.
Once the interior has been chosen, the designer picks from a huge selection pattern choices constructed of three components – block, plank and square. There are 10 tone options to choose from for each component to complete the exclusive design.
The components are 3-ply oak construction and 15mm thick making the floors suitable for commercial and domestic applications.
Ted Todd has also launched a competition on Facebook to win a £10,000 Create floor in the design created by the winner. Fully fitted by Ted Todd it covers around 100m.
The design programme features over 30,000 combinations constructed from 15mm 3-ply 100% oak construction with a UV Oiled finish, suitable for commercial and domestic use and for use over underfloor heating.
The Natural Wood Floor Company has introduced two new chevron woodblock designs to its flooring range. Available in Premier or White Wash engineered oak, the chevron blocks are cut at an angle at both ends to create a zig zag pattern.
The Premier Oak Chevron features oak’s neutral tones and open grain patterns to create a luxury, high-end floor. The White Wash Chevron is a blend of a traditional design classic with a contemporary twist. The timber’s distinct grain patterns are said to retain the mellow, brownish tones of oak, while the rest of the surface is bathed in a refreshing white hue.
Each block is 20mm thick and measures 500mm x 100mm, with a bevelled edge and tongue and groove profile, for easy installation and a seamless fit.
Crafted from engineered timber, these chevron blocks are said to have a strong core making them suitable for different rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms, in addition to rooms fitted with underfloor heating.
Like all of The Natural Wood Floor Company’s products, the new chevron blocks are made using the highest quality, sustainable timber. Engineered products are particularly eco-friendly, as the main structure of the board is constructed from hardwood birch ply, which is an abundant and fast growing species. the top layer of oak is then attached using a high performance, low emission glue.
Westcotes Flooring was approached by Weavers School for a solution for its existing sports hall, which was a Granwood floor.
Carl Nicol, md of Westcotes Flooring Co visited the site with Chris Emery from Boen UK to examine the condition of the 655sq m floor and devise a cost effective solution for the school.
A 28mm Boen Boflex Stadium Oak T79 Sports lacquered was recommended to be laid on top of the existing Granwood floor as a cost effective and cleaner solution than removing the existing floor.
The decision to lay the new floor over the existing one meant that the doors and frames into the hall had to be altered and line marking had to be added to the new floor.
All of this had to be completed in a five day window, during the school holiday, a busy time for the flooring industry. The materials had to be stored in an adjacent room before the work started as the hall was used over the weekend.
This was successfully undertaken through expert planning and co-operative suppliers and operatives. When the project was completed, a testimonial from the school thanked everyone at Westcotes Flooring involved in the project, and added: ‘We are extremely pleased with the floor, how it was installed and the support services.’

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