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Flooring is often a major part of any refurbishment:

Altro reports that its new generation, heavy-duty 2.5mm safety flooring, Unity 25, is providing a tough and cost-effective solution in the visitor centre toilets at the world-famous Eden Project in Cornwall.
David Moore, Eden Project maintenance manager, said: ‘We had to find an alternative because we were having to repaint the resin flooring in the toilets every four years. We approached Cornwall Safety Flooring, who we have used before. They recommended Altro who suggested Unity safety flooring as a hard-wearing, good looking and cost-effective solution.’
David Hutchings, operations director at Cornwall Safety Flooring, says: ‘We have worked for the Eden Project for many years and installed a great deal of Altro flooring. There is XpressLay in toilets elsewhere on the site, and Walkway in the visitor centre café. So the client is already satisfied with the Altro product range.
‘To avoid disruption we had to work at night and ensure that the floor was useable and safe during the day when it was open. Altro Unity is easy to work with, flexible and soft, unlike other products of this type. We laid 200sq m overall and it took us eight days to finish the job. I would envisage this new floor will last for 15 to 20 years.’
Available in 18 plain and chipped colours, Unity has aluminium trioxide and coloured quartz said to offer long lasting slip resistance. At 2.5mm thick, the flooring is designed to be durable and hard wearing enough to be used in areas of high foot traffic with constant dirt.
Unity also includes PUR technology that is claimed to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs throughout the product’s life by up to 60%. The flooring also said to offer enhanced chemical resistance and a bacteriostat for MRSA resistance, reducing the risk of infection, while coping well with moisture and temperature extremes.
Ardex describes its Arditex NA as an ultra rapid setting subfloor levelling and smoothing compound able to adhere to surfaces which would have previously been viewed as problematic or not ready to receive floorcoverings without intensive preparation. These include rough and poor concrete surfaces, old adhesive residues, flooring grade asphalt and even direct to ceramic tiling, all without priming.
Arditex NA is claimed to have excellent coverage of 5.2sq m at 3mm thick and is unaffected by moisture which means it can be applied below an Ardex damp proof membrane, such as Ardex DPM 1 C, and direct to damp concrete without priming.
Atkinson & Kirby reports using the latest technology in its manufacturing process, making its products well suited for renovation projects. The company’s modern Ormskirk factory can reportedly produce bespoke floors that can be colour matched to existing floors. A recent example is the company’s involvement in the renovation of The National Museum of Scotland.
The floor at the museum needed to be refurbished to allow for new interactive exhibits, but the original flooring had to be kept.
Atkinson & Kirby manufactured 300sq m of new Red Oak 76 x 20mm prime unfinished strip flooring specially matched to blend in with the original flooring, which was lifted, de-nailed and then re-laid by GL Floors, a member of the CFA.
Beaver Floorcare was invited by Norland Managed Services, contract holders to KPMG, to assess 1800sq m of worn travertine flooring at its offices in Canary Wharf. The client feared a replacement project was inevitable.
Yet drawing on decades of specialist expertise, Beaver was able to fully restore the floor, saving KPMG excessive expenditure and disruption, while also upholding the company’s environmental credentials by saving the valuable flooring from landfill.
The carefully considered project took six months to complete. Beaver carried out an extensive consultation and tests, before diamond grinding the worn and pitted floor, applying epoxy filler and a resin-based impregnator, finishing with a full polish.
Now aware of the importance of intelligent on-going floorcare, the satisfied client has appointed Beaver on a long-term maintenance contract. If proficiently maintained, this travertine could now last for another 100 years.
Flexcrete Technologies, a UK cementitious coating manufacturer, supplied a hard-wearing, waterproof flooring system to protect the 450sq m helipad at Locarno Airport in Switzerland used by Rega, the Swiss Air Rescue Service.
Coating an external floor or deck can be demanding, but when it has to withstand snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures as well as abrasion and impact damage from incoming helicopters, a special solution is required.
Locarno Airport, being at the foot of the Swiss Alps, experiences extremely aggressive climatic conditions, particularly in winter when helicopters have to land with snow skids.
After considering various finishes, a cementitious flooring system from Flexcrete was specified and installed by local contractors Swissnanotech Sa and Steri-X Service Sa.
To enable application of the flooring system and to allow adequate curing, a temporary structure was erected around the helipad and heaters were used to ensure a temperature above 8degC was maintained. The concrete was freshly cast and the helipad needed to incorporate a 1cm per m slope to facilitate the flow of storm water.
Following surface preparation, priming and levelling, a 2mm coating of Flexcrete Cemprotec E-Floor was applied. Cemprotec E-Floor is a self-smoothing, water-based cementitious system designed to cure to form a dense, hard-wearing, waterproof surface with exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, chloride ions and aggressive chemicals such as aviation fuels and de-icing fluids.
Crucially, it had to be able to resist freeze/thaw attack and develop high early strength, enabling rapid reinstatement of traffic.
As Cemprotec E-Floor is pre-packaged, it reportedly only requires mixing on-site, while its waterborne composition means it is a low hazard product releasing no harmful solvents or odour. It can be applied without risk of osmotic blistering to green concrete, wet substrates and floors with no effective waterproofing membrane, says the manufacturer.
The product also incorporates copolymer and epoxy resin technologies, said to result in a durable coating with excellent protection and low permeability to water even at 10 bar positive pressure. When mixed it is said to exhibit a high degree of flow to enable ease of application by pouring or pumping techniques. It is also designed to remain stable on exposure to UV light without risk of yellowing or chalking.
Line marking was painted over the system and the helipad was ready to resume normal operation just 15 days after the project started.
Granwax products were used in the refurbishment of the sports floors at Rotunda Boxing Academy in Liverpool. The floors had become worn and uneven over time. The absence of a sealer allowed dirt to become ingrained into the wood causing even further damage, as well as making the floors unsafe.
Alan Ray, of Traditional Flooring UK, and his team were called in. He discovered that the floor had also been incorrectly sanded at some point by traversing straight across the grain.
Alan explains: ‘The whole restoration took 10 days to complete. We started by sanding the surfaces through all of the full grades to a fine smooth finish, sanding diagonally at first to remove the deep scowls and score marks left by the previous sanding process.
‘We then applied one coat of Granguard from Granwax Products. Once this was dry, we added the court markings using Granwax Granpaint (games lining paint), and then applied a further two coats of the Granguard.’
Granguard, part of the specialist finishes range from Granwax, has been designed for surfaces subjected to very heavy use.
‘We chose Granguard not only for its superb traction qualities, but also because it is extremely resilient and able to withstand any rigours exerted on it.’
He adds: ‘Investing that little bit extra in maintaining floors in facilities such as The Rotunda Academy will pay dividends in the long run, helping to prolong the life of the floor and providing a safe surface on which people can train and play sports.’
nora flooring has been installed at New Cross Hospital (Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust) one of only seven Trusts in the UK chosen as a showcase hospital for infection prevention.
noraplan signa and noraplan ultra grip flooring were installed through the hospital. nora rubber floorings are reported to be the first resilient floorcoverings to be awarded the ‘Blue Angel’ eco-label.
Claimed to be practically indestructible, rubber floorcoverings are said to have an extremely long life span and look almost like new even after decades of intensive use.
Osmo UK says that its Wood Wax Finish Creativ can help prevent wooden furniture from appearing out-of-date or in a poor condition.
The product is also designed to help add a personal touch to wooden flooring. Not only does this product offer visual enhancement, but also a finish that maintains the natural characteristics of the wood, says the company.
It can be used as either a transparent or opaque finish for interior application and comes in a choice of eight colours that can be mixed together to create a variation of shades and intensity.
Wood Wax Finish Creativ should not be used on varnished wood, but is suitable for use on oiled and stained wood. Once applied, this finish still allows the wood to ‘breathe’ and retain its original elasticity preventing it from cracking, flaking or blistering, states the company.
Wood that has been treated with this product is said to be water-repellent, abrasion-proof and resistant to dirt and household chemicals. It is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes and is described as being environmentally friendly.
The eight shades are: silk, pebble, sand, coral, bamboo, fjord, black and snow. A transparent, matt surface can be achieved by applying one coat with a natural bristle brush, then removing any excess material with a cloth. If applied twice, a more opaque, slightly gloss surface can be achieved. However, the character and grain of the wood is still visible.
Pallmann says that existing pre-finished solid or engineered wood floors can now be safely re-coated even if there is little wood left to renovate with the use of PALL-X 350, a two-component bonding agent. The product is designed to ensure adhesion between the existing surface and the new lacquer coating without any intermediate sanding.
PALL-X 350 is said to provide a fast, uncomplicated and cost effective refurbishment of wood floor areas, even in cases where a conventional refurbishment seems impractical.
The product is reportedly suitable where an additional coat of protection is needed, corrections of sheen levels are necessary on newly laid pre-finished floors or in areas of light damage.
Its application is also said to provide edge protection and joint closure for newly laid solid and engineered boards. Even the alteration of the sheen or the level of anti-slip can be adjusted on clients request with a subsequent lacquer coat, according to Pallmann.
Furthermore the product’s application can also change an oiled surface to a lacquered surface without the need of a full sanding cycle, it claims.
T&R Floor Covering Distributors supplied Kährs Oak Nouveau Bronze for a Bourne Leisure Haven resort application, on the west coast of Scotland. Over 120sq m was installed by Carters Flooring at the Craig Tara Holiday Park’s new Briggs of Ayr eatery.
T&R also supplied a variety of Kährs accessories, including underlay, moulding and thresholds.
Designed by Leisure Concepts, the Briggs of Ayr is a refurbished eatery formerly known as the Mash & Barrel. The extended bar and restaurant is said to have a warm, rustic feel and includes a terrace and uninterrupted sea views.
Kährs wood flooring reportedly complements the interior design, which features wooden tables, timber cladding and exposed steels, and an eye-catching, eclectic mix of wooden chairs.
T&R stocks a comprehensive range of Kährs products from traditional oak one-strip boards to metallic-infused designer products, available on a standard two-day turnaround, or faster, by request. Kährs Oak Nouveau Bronze, from the Original Range, features a distinct brushed surface, bevelled edge and durable matt lacquer prefinish.

Tarkett supplied 35,000sq m of flooring for the refurbishment of one of Ireland’s biggest hospitals, Mater Misericordia University Hospital in Dublin. The building has been renovated with seven different types of Tarkett flooring.
Pat Tierney from the Sisk Group which oversaw the projects, said:
‘Tarkett flooring was initially chosen due to the commercial benefits it offered, including excellent customer service.’
Tarkett iQ Toro SC recyclable flooring was used in the 12 new operating theatres due to its static dissipative properties. The flooring is made for use in areas that need to remain free from static electricity .
Tarkett’s linoleum Veneto xf and Etrusco xf were used in the corridors and ward bedrooms, non-slip Safetred Universal in the toilets and sluice rooms. Granit Multisafe was laid in the en-suite bathrooms and wetrooms.
John Devine, Tarkett sales director, said: ‘We have a range of products designed with health and aged care applications in mind. They come in a a variety of colours and styles with enhanced performance suitable for use in busy education, retail or leisure centres.’
Tremco Illbruck was involved in expansion plans at Stoke City FC’s Claytonwood facility, including the redevelopment of changing facilities at its training ground. Midlands based Multifloor, a member of the CFA, installed a fully compatible selection of Tremco damp proofing, bonding primer and underlayment products to address an area of some 500sq m across a substrate which had shown very high moisture levels.
A full site survey revealed that the power floated concrete slab had residual readings of 92-95% RH. The product recommended was ES100 membrane, designed for use as a one-coat treatment on substrates with an RH of up to 97%.
Ross Clarke of Multifloor explains: ‘The power floated concrete slab was first treated with ES100, a one-coat DPM, then CS100 epoxy primer, followed by SX303 underlayment, to take out any irregularities.
‘In the different spaces we laid 80sq m of studded rubber floor tiles, 150sq m of Polysafe sheet vinyl, and a further 250sq m of Interface Heuga carpet tiles. It was all finished on time and the club and the main contractor were very happy with the installation.’
Non-flammable, non-corrosive and solvent-free, CS100 is designed to prime Tremco surface damp proof membranes and other non-porous surfaces before application of the company’s smoothing compounds.
SX303 is a low odour, cement based latex underlayment described as fast curing and suitable for a variety of applications from domestic to light industrial.
The work was carried out over three weeks in June with the new facility needing to be ready for the start of the new football season.
Ultra Floor reports that its Prime IT N and Level IT Super30 were used in a new walk-through lemur enclosure at the Tropical Butterfly, Wildlife and Falconry Centre in Sheffield.
The accommodation consists of a glass fronted indoor area to shelter the lemurs in unfavourable conditions and an undercover veranda to allow visitors to get up close and personal with these Madagascan species.
Doncaster based flooring supplier and contractor, Surefit Carpets, undertook subfloor preparation and installation in the kitchen area of the enclosure using products from the Ultra Floor range.
The substrate was treated with Ultra Floor Prime IT N, polymer emulsion primer. Used neat onto non-absorbent substrates, it reportedly dries to give a tough, well bonded primer ready to receive a cementitious smoothing compound. It was used in this project to prepare the surface before levelling with Ultra Floor Level IT Super30.
Level IT Super30 is described as the original ‘level and lay in a day’ product and utilises specially blended cements and a high quality polymer liquid to give a product designed to set in 30 minutes, whilst allowing impervious floorcoverings to be laid after just three hours.
Once dry, the area was overlaid with Altro safety flooring. Level IT Super30 was chosen by Surefit Carpets, who needed to complete the installation within the working day. Ultra Floor is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc
Uzin products were used to install safety flooring in the kitchen at Nottingham City Hospital. The project required extensive remedial work which was extremely complex and problematic.
Several different types of old floorcoverings had to be removed from the old kitchen floor, revealing multiple substrates with latex residues.
The flooring contractor chose an Uzin repair system, combining several high quality products to ensure the project was completed without difficulties.
The hospital is also committed to the highest standards of healthcare, so required an environmentally friendly and low emission solution for the refurbishment.
Uzin products were used to keep emissions to a minimum. A combination of PE 460 damp proof membrane, NC 160 smoothing compound and RR 201 repair mesh were first used to damp proof and repair the substrate. The safety flooring was then installed using KR 430 adhesive, which has an EC1 Plus accolade for very low emissions.

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