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Green Light For Research

FLOOR preparation materials manufacturer KERAKOLL has completed the building of its GreenLab, a new eco-sustainable research and innovation institute.
The project won Legambiente’s prestigious GreenLife Award and was included in the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale. This is the first service sector building in Italy to be constructed solely from sustainable solutions and materials and was completed with an investment of about €15m (£12m).
All research and development for the Kerakoll Group will be carried out in the 6,857sq m building. Its nine laboratories equipped with the latest technology will have 100 researchers working in them once it is fully operational. The group’s philosophy is to develop products which cause the least harm possible to the environment and human health.
The GreenLab was designed and built using natural materials with least impact on the environment, the lowest VOC and CO2 emissions and the highest energy efficiency rating.
The walls breathe thanks to the use of natural hydraulic lime-based mortars, plasters, paints and insulating plasters from Kerakoll’s BIO range to minimise the risk of SBS. The building was constructed using high energy efficient thermal blocks made of natural clay and wood flour.

Wood of certified European origin was used for the structure of the building and roof, and certified biocompatible wood fibre panels for thermal insulation.
Most energy used in the building is generated by ground-source geothermal heat pumps buried outside the building. The energy efficiency of the shell is increased by the winter and summer air conditioning, designed to cut energy consumption and control the humidity and temperature parameters of individual rooms.
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