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Hard And Fast

Tough demands are placed on flooring for industrial locations:

Altro supplieditsnewest polyurethane resin flooring AltroGrip PU alongside with AltroCrete PU Excel to meet different production needs at Dorset Piddle real ale brewery.

Two types of resin flooring were used because of the nature of the brewingprocess.Forthe100sqm warehouse the need was for a hard wearing, slip resistant floor that could withstand heavy machinery and barrels; and for the rest of the brewery, a resin floor that could perform in temperatures in excess of 80degC.

Adrian Saxby, director of Industrial Flooring Solutions, which installed the flooring, explains. ‘The brewery warehouse is in constant use, so it needs a floor that is tough, safe underfoot and which won’t be damaged by metal barrels or machinery. AltroGrip PU is designed for industrial applications such as food and drink production, where durability, safety and hygiene are essential.’

The product is a 4mm, polyurethane resin claimed to offer excellent chemical resistance to organic acids. It incorporates a hard-wearing quartz aggregate and uses AltroFlow, designed to make it easy to install.

The product also reportedly satisfies EU and UK food-hygiene legislation, has a 10-year warranty and comes in five colours. Adrian continues: ‘The surface of the concrete warehouse floor was quite rough, so after preparation we applied a scratch-coat of Altroprime mixed with fine aggregates to create a smoother base for the resin.

We then applied the self-smoothing coat oftheAltroGripPUwithapinrake, followed by a bed of quartz aggregate. We came back the next day to brush off any residue aggregate and apply a second layer of the liquid resin.’
In the rest of the brewery, Adrian’s team laid AltroCrete PU Excel, a 5- 9mm textured polyurethane screed for heavy-duty areas of potential spillage, designed to withstand high temperatures.

B A S F says Ucrete Fast heavy duty resin flooring products, from its construction chemicals division, enable uncompromised permanent fast-track flooring repairs and refurbishments, especially in modern food production facilities, allowing floors to be returned to a safe and hygienic condition in the shortest of windows.
Ucrete flooring products can now reportedly be returned to service in as little as five hours cure time at 10degC with exceptional chemical, temperature and wear resistance.

Being solvent free and non-tainting during application, neighbouring production need not be interrupted. With Ucrete licensed applicators, the highest level of expertise and support is offered to the food and beverage industry to maximise refurbishment opportunities and minimise the impact on production.

Degafloor suppliesfast curin resin flooring. In response to questions about the unusual odour associated with the MMA resins, Degafloor explains that nearly all resins can taint food products when in their uncured state.
The taint test results used by many competitors often relate to resins once they’ve reached a fully cured state, which means the risk of taint still remains during the installation and subsequent curing process. No smell, doesn’t mean no risk, according to Degafloor.

It states that unless swallowed, MMA resins aren’t toxic. Their smell is harmless, although just like other chemicals, recommended workplace exposure limits should always be adhered to.

The key to a successful MMA resin installation is well planned and managed ventilation, and Degafloor ensures all installers are trained in best practice techniques.

Mapei workstoBS8204-6and follows FeRFA guidelines (being a FeRFA member), stating that it can offer the best flooring system for any situation.

One frequently used system is reportedly Mapefloor System 31, a Type3highbuildsolventfreefloor coating offering good mechanical and chemical resistance.

The product is said to be suitable to medium traffic such as warehouses, storage areas, garages, covered parking lots, pedestrian zones and areas where forklifts are used. Additionally, Mapefloor System 31 is available in 19 colours from the RAL range.

National Flooring Company undertookan installation and quality fit-out for high end shoe manufacturer and retailer, Gina. Due to expansion, Gina relocated to larger premises. The client wanted the floor finish to be primarily white but to integrate with the metallic overhead structure featured throughout the building.

National Flooring Company chose Degafloor Flake system, said to be an extremely hardwearing solution which offers exceptional flexibility in terms of aesthetics. For Gina it was designed using a white base with grey and black flecks. A yellow flake was also incorporated into the finish to blend with the walkways and decrease the stark contrast.

Due to the quick curing characteristics of the Degafloor products, the 2,200sq m area was installed in three days. The warehouse section, totalling over 1000sq m was also completed using Degafloor products. This project reportedly demonstrated National Flooring’s experience in resin flooring, as well as its commitment to quality and attention to detail.

P e r m a b a n which produces armoured joints for concrete floors, has introduced Signature, said to take a different approach from traditional joint armouring.

Signature’s half-hexagon shape is designed to prevent the wheels of materials handling vehicles from falling into the gap between the two edges of a joint. As a result there is said to be no impact on either the joint

or wheels.

Because the product provides smoother transit, vehicles can move over the joints more quickly, saving valuable time for warehouse operators, according to Permaban. It is also said eliminate the ‘clunking’ noise often associated with vehicles passing over joints – because wheels do not impact on the joint.

The product was designed to address the challenges of directional traffic. This typically occurs in transfer and racking aisles, where vehicles pass over a joint at a 90deg angle, causing the greatest impact.

Thanks to its shape, it offers smooth, fast, noiseless transit, regardless of the angle of approach. Its ‘full-depth’ corrugation allows the joint to be fully supported all the way to the ground. It is designed to operate with gap sizes of up to 40mm, making it suitable for large-bay jointless concrete floors, and cold stores and freezer stores, where gap sizes are typically larger.

Load transfer between adjacent concrete floor slabs is accommodated by square dowel bars. These are supplied fully fixed into the product. By eliminating the need for heavy joint armouring, Signature is reportedly lighter and stiffer than many joints, making it easy to lift, manoeuvre and install on site.

P P C (The Preparation Group) describes its new PCD grinding plate is a revolution in the removal of adhesives, levelling compounds and other sticky substances from floors.

Traditional grinding methods reportedly have a tendency to generate surface heat, rendering the surface residue softer and stickier. The result is that the machine tends to move the soft material around rather than remove it. Frequent stops may be necessary to unclog grinding discs.

To solve this, PPC has introduced a new grinding plate onto which fit interchangeable PCD’s
(Polycrystalline Diamond) shoes. The shoes, subjected to rigorous testing, scrape rather than grind the adhesive, and do not generate surface heat with their cutting edges remaining clear, says PPC. The new grinding plate is claimed to be the only PCD configuration to fit 110v surface preparation machines.
Tracey Glew, Group md, says: ‘The PCD plate joins the PCD discs we launched a couple of years ago for our hand grinders.

‘The plate is designed to fit our STG450 and adds yet another application to this versatile surface preparation machine. It also fits other 110v models. No special tools are required to fit. Simply twist the new PCD grinding plates into place.’

Remmers hasintroduceda multi-chamber bag for mixing resins and hardeners, designed to ensure the safe disposal of packaging. The company claims that mixing errors are impossible with the new bag.

The components are packaged in the current mixing ratio in a single plastic bag separated by a plastic clip which when removed; the two components in the closed bag can be safely and cleanly mixed by kneading,

says Remmers.

It reportedly takes less than 60 seconds. After mixing, the contents of the bag are cleanly squeezed out through a screw-on nozzle just by rolling up the bag.

No tools are needed for mixing and contact with skin is avoided. That reduces packaging waste as well as any health risks, states the company.

R o n a c r e t e reports that its RonaFloor epoxy floor mortar was used to upgrade floors in changing rooms at St Johns School, Billericay, Essex.

The floor needed to be seamless with a slip-resistant finish that was comfortable to bare feet in the shower areas and hard wearing, and to withstand scuffing from studded boots and shoes.

Contractor S Carter & Son removed the failed vinyl flooring and then prepared the floating screed, ensuring that the underfloor heating was not disturbed and that the substrate was keyed ready to receive the new screed.
The floor was primed with RonaFloor epoxy primer which then had kiln-dried sand cast into it, to improve the key. After curing of the first coat, a second coat of primer was applied and the blue RonaFloor
epoxy floor mortar was applied to the tacky primer as a floor screed and a 150mm high coving.

R S L (Resin Surfaces Limited) has completed a project with Reme Flooring for global transport company Alstom Transport TLS UK and Eire.

The flooring of the Alstom Train Care Centre at Longsight, Manchester, was badly worn and needed refurbishment. The repair pit walls required recoating.

Reme Flooring specified RSL’s Resucoat HB for the floors and Resuseal WB for pit walls. Surface preparation was needed to ensure the area was free from contaminate. The floors were vacuum shot blasted and the pit walls abraded.

Resuseal WB, an epoxy resin coating, was applied to the pit walls. The product is described as hard wearing, providing excellent resistance to light chemical attack and not supporting fungus or bacterial growth, while also aiding cleaning and maintenance.

The workshop floors needed to be marked out using yellow and grey coloured resin to define work areas. The chosen product was Resucoat HB, a solvent free, high build coating for industrial areas where a tough, resilient, corrosion and abrasion resistant finish is needed. Bauxite aggregate was added for an anti-slip finish.

Paul Dines from Reme Flooring commented ‘After working with RSL for a number of years we know what type of product and service we will receive which is important for jobs with short timescales such as this. The client was happy with the end result.’

Ultra Floor productswere specified by Stuarts Flooring for an industrial unit conversion. Following technical assistance from Ultra Floor, Stuarts Flooring’s team used Prime IT AR and Level IT HD top.

Two coats of Prime IT AR acrylic polymer emulsion primer were applied first to the mechanically abraded concrete surface.

The primer is designed to prepare the surface, enhancing adhesion and sealing it. This is claimed to greatly improve the bond strength of subsequent cement based levelling compounds, enhancing durability.

Ultra Floor’s industrial grade self- levelling topping, Level IT HD top, was then applied by pump, reportedly giving a strong and level wearingsurface. A total of 1300sq m was covered in a day. The topping’s formulation is said to be free from protein and ammonia, creating a low odour material, while being shrinkage compensated and polymer modified. A 25kg bag is claimed to cover an optimum 5.1sq m at 3mm thickness.

The product can reportedly be pumped and applied at between 5mm and 15mm, suitable for heavily trafficked areas and can receive foot traffic after 2-3 hours, followed by warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, after only 36 hours. Ultra Floor is a brand of Instarmac Group.

Uzin reportsthatitsNC172 BiTurbo gives contractors a reliable and rapid solution for applying
levelling compounds in industrial locations.

Said to have an extremely high compressive strength of 50 N, the product is designed for the highest of stresses within heavy duty areas. It is claimedtobeextremelyreliableand each individual sack is labelled with a CE marking.

This product reportedly adheres to a wide range of substrates, has no thickness restrictions, is rapid drying and ready to receive most floorcoverings within one hour.

With the Level Plus Effect, the productisalsosaidtoofferexcellent coverage, absorbency, surface appearance and extreme surface smoothness.

NC 172 BiTurbo has been awarded an EC1 plus classification and Blue Angel label for very low emissions.

Saint-Gobain Weber
industrial and commercial flooring products were used in a major renovation project at Woolley GMC Engineering in Coventry. The client needed ultra-fast recovery of the flooring and a hard wearing safety roadway for forklift truck operations.

The product chosen was weber.floor 4655 duro flow rapid industrial screed. Woolley specialises in machining heavy castings and forgings for OEM companies in the diesel engine, construction plant, agricultural and architecturalironworksectors.

Requiring additional capacity, the company secured and cleared a redundant factory facility where floors were in a poor and damaged state. A revised layout required new and level surfaces, as well as safety roadways, to meet current standards of efficiency and safety.

Zenith Polar Flooring Services of Coventry handled the renovation and delivery of the safety flooring. Paul Sant of Zenith comments: ‘Clearing damaged surfaces takes hard work and time, but thorough preparation is essential for a successful finish. A coat of weber.floor 4716 primer was used to seal the base before we applied the weber.floor 4655 duro flow rapid screed for the safety roadway. This is a rapid drying screed and resin base that can take foot traffic in two hours and the final epoxy sealer within 24 hours,’ says Paul. weber.floor 4716 is a styrene acrylate dispersion primer for preparing most building substrates.

weber.floor 4655 duro flow rapid screed is formulated to increase bond strength, reduce pin-holing and increase the flow of the screeds.

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