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Hardwood Flooring – Under Your Carpet – Why?

Alot of people are surprised when they buy an older home and consider replacing that old 70′s shag carpet and then when the carpet comes up they see they have beautiful hardwood flooring beneath that carpet. Alot of people don’t know why this is. But here is the answer:

From 1960-present day Hardwood flooring has been viewed as a upgrade flooring for decades when compared to carpeting.

But alot of people don’t know that hardwood floors were commonly installed in the 40′s and 50′s to meet minimum FHA requirements for home interiors in order to allow homeowners to qualify for most mortgages. Back during that time carpeting was not widely available and therefore red oak was the most common hardwood flooring used all over the United States.

During the 60′s the carpet industry became more more highly automated with automatic tufting machines which allowed higher quality and lower priced carpets to be produced. This flooring option ultimately replaced hardwood as the minimum requirement for mortgages and it was less expensive.

But for those lucky homeowners who pull back carpeting and realize they can refinish these beautiful hardwood floors that are quietly waiting under the carpeting to become free!