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Healthcare: Linoleum Ticks All The Boxes

Julie Dempster, marketing manager at Forbo Flooring Systems looks at the most important factors to be considered when flooring contractors recommend floorcoverings for healthcare locations: 

IT goes without saying that in healthcare environments, patient welfare must be firmly rooted at the heart of all product specifications, not least the flooring.

Hygiene is of utmost importance, clearly, but in this age of squeezed budgets the long-term durability and associated maintenance costs of floorcoverings are also vital considerations.

On top of this, most NHS Trusts now have strict sustainability targets, meaning that products must also demonstrate sound eco-credentials.

Linoleum has long been a popular specification choice within the healthcare sector as it neatly ticks all of these boxes. Non-allergenic, easy to clean and highly sustainable, linoleum has a number of qualities that make it ideal for patient care settings.

However, the most significant advantage linoleum has over other types of floorcovering is the fact that it has been proven in independent tests to be naturally bacteriostatic, thereby preventing dangerous bacteria such as MRSA and E Coli from multiplying – a major benefit when it comes to infection control.

Linoleum is also an extremely tough and long lasting floor covering that requires simple and cost effective maintenance throughout its extended lifespan – making it perfect for high volume applications, such as hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. For added durability an innovative water based finish, ensure easy and cost efficient cleaning and maintenance, and do not compromise the environmental profile of the product.

Many healthcare clients are also now taking a more holistic approach to design, seeking products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing in order to create attractive healing environments.

Hospitals can be intimidating places and so for non-clinical settings, such as rehabilitation centres, waiting rooms and consulting facilities, it’s worth thinking about how the interior design can be used to create a more welcoming environment.

Even in these areas, however, hygiene must still be the foremost consideration and so a flocked floorcovering is a practical choice in this application.

Healthcare clients have a wide range of complex needs when it comes to interior design. Patient welfare and hygiene are the foremost considerations but careful thought should also be given to the durability, sustainability and aesthetics of recommended floorcoverings. Contractors should therefore seek out products that are capable of delivering across the entire scope of these performance requirements.

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