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Here’s the Skinny on the Wide Plank Flooring Trend

Home furnishing trends for 2013 will continue to reflect a casual mood where the style is relaxed and products have a natural, rustic charm that is comforting and spontaneous. Wood accents and furnishings express the sentiment of being “one with nature”. This trend uses raw, organic, unrefined, and weather-beaten materials and finishes to celebrate the tactile qualities of a handcrafted era.

Bruce hand-scraped wide plank flooring
Hand-scraped wide plank flooring
It’s no surprise that wood flooring, particularly wide plank flooring, is riding high on this trend. The wider the plank, the more emphasis placed on tactile qualities. It’s in the aged, foot-worn wood with knots, worm holes, and areas of open grain that we see the beauty of nature. Wide plank flooring refers to board widths starting at 5” and going up to 7-8” and wider. While solid hardwood offers the most options, engineered and laminate wide plank flooring also come in a range of features.

Lots of choices in wide plank flooring

One thing great about wide plank flooring is that you’re not limited to any particular type or construction of wood. You’ll find wide planks in every species, from rustic pine and oak to the refined sophistication of walnut and the excitement of exotic hardwoods like Brazilian cherry. What’s more, the variety of sizes, colors, finishes, and textures ensures finding a style to match your personal taste and décor.

You can also count on wide plank flooring to fit every budget. Natural hardwood may be the gold standard, but the same beautiful looks and aesthetic feel are available in engineered hardwood and laminate wide plank flooring. Plus, you get the added benefit of material construction that can go where solid hardwood isn’t recommended, like basements and bathrooms.

“Wide” Range of Wide Plank Flooring Options

Here’s a look at what’s trending:

Hand-scraped – The softly wavy texture of hand-scraped wide plank flooring replicates the work of chisels skimming along the grain. Combined with a semi-gloss finish and darker wood shades, a hand-scraped floor can be elegant and perfectly at home in both traditional and formal décor.

Distressed – Beautifully worn floors have a special charm. Distressed wide plank flooring shows the dents, nail holes, gouges, and dings of boards naturally aged by time and repeated use.

Mixed width – Board groupings of various widths is one of the newest additions to the wide plank flooring trend. Presenting a staggered, random look, mixed-widths make a distinctive and unique floor.

Laminate – Also new to the wide plank flooring offerings, wide plank laminate constructions realistically capture the details of natural wood, including hand-scraped textures. Quality laminates are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, while being easier to clean and maintain, durable and costing less too.

We feel better and relaxed when we’re around natural elements, so why not bring these soothing qualities into your home? There’s nothing more appealing, more warm and natural, than beautiful wide plank flooring.

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