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High Style – Crossover Design

An interesting development is transpiring in the world of design. This is something I predicted early in the year, and now it is becoming reality. Commercial carpet design is not only influencing residential carpet design—it is actually taking some of the residential market share!

Working with a broad base of commercial designers in Southern California helps me identify new design directions. We have seen residential carpet offer everything from silky, long shags, to beautifully sculpted patterns. So why are designers borrowing from their commercial libraries to specify flooring for residential designs?

The most common reason stated by the designers themselves, is that they (and their clients) want a contemporary, tailored, extremely durable carpet. Commercial style constructions may sacrifice a soft, luxurious “hand” (feel), but the three “must-haves” mentioned above more than compensate for the firmer hand.

pv_2641_websquare[1]_300I have a real-life example I can share with you. Designers creating final concept boards for million dollar homes in Marina Del Rey, CA knew exactly the environment they wanted to create. They scouted their commercial library of styles and found several carpets from Mannington Mills that provided subtle geometrics tufted with easy to live with colors. The entire second floor of each luxury home is to be done in commercial grade carpet that will accomplish an elegant but edgy ambience. Commercial carpet palettes are usually ahead of the trend curve. Residential clients benefit from that and can build their design around a trend-forward color harmony.

Take a look at the inset pictures included in this blog. Three stunning examples, all from the creative product development team of Mannington Mills, bring to life exactly what this blog is about. Represented here is a softly geometric pattern, a flowing pastel botanical, and a vineyard-inspired carpet design– all built for commercial use, but translate well to the residential sector. Does that give you an idea or two for your own home?

pv_2668_websquare[1]_300So what’s next on the horizon? Look for commercial and residential to continue to share their best and brightest ideas. Contract environments are borrowing the warmth and inviting colors that residential accomplishes so easily. Residential will continue to explore the high tech possibilities contract carpets can bring to the home. All and all, hybrid carpet design promises to be the next exciting frontier for floor coverings.