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Underfloor heating is a growth area:

Devi has extended the warranty on all cables and mats for electrical floor heating from 10 to 20 years. Product, installation and floorcovering are all included in the warranty.
Vice president Jacob Madsen, head of Devi explains: ‘Reliability and quality are key. We want our customers to be able to rely on us. After many years of product development and testing, we have reached a quality level where our products maintain excellent performance over long periods of time, so it is only natural that we extend our warranty to 20 years and include the cost of the product, installation and floor covering in this warranty.’
To obtain the warranty, the installation must be performed by an authorised installer and a proof of purchase together with the stamped and signed warranty certificate must be available.
Flowcrete says underfloor heating plays a major part in its Green Floorzone. Energy-saving Isowarm underfloor heating is a key element of the Green Floorzone solution that includes the screed, resin topping and acoustic layer, all provided from a single source and with the benefit of a lifetime warranty.
Green Floorzone covers every aspect of a commercial flooring installation, with a choice of options in the resin floor finish and self-levelling screed, as well as Isowarm underfloor heating and the option of sound-proofing built-in.
Resin floor options include seamless terrazzo Mondéco Mirrazzo, made of up to 60% recycled material, Mondéco Crystal Ice with a significant amount of recycled mirror glass to reduce the need for additional lighting as well as natural stone carpet finishes Rustik and Naturewalk for internal and external areas.
Isowarm underfloor heating reportedly gives energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventional heating systems.
Alan Dean, md of Flowcrete UK, says: ‘The single source nature of Green Floorzone offers significant sustainability benefits, with all products arriving on site from one source, with no wastage, and just one contractor responsible for the entire installation all covered by one Flowcrete warranty.’
Gaia, the sole UK projects partner for Devi, offers Devimat, a prefabricated thin-section electric heat source that can be specified not only within floors but also in walls.
Suitable for supplementing an existing heating system, Devimat is installed within the thickness of the adhesive, rather than set within a screed, so can be easily retro-fitted to an existing hard surface.
Devimat is reportedly quick to install and fit between the floor substrate and floorcovering and also under ceramic tiles on a wall.
While a heated floor provides optimum heat for any room, there are some instances where a heated wall is also desirable. In a bathroom, installing Devimat behind a towel rail will help dry towels as well as prevent condensation. In steam rooms, a heated wall offers additional comfort by warming the wall tiles.
In fact, wherever maximum warmth and comfort is required or wall condensation is a potential problem, the constant low heat provided by Devimat is described as a simple, efficient solution.

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