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How To Effectively Clean Contract Carpets Is The Business

Justin Binks, director of Sebo UK, explains the most effective way to clean commercial carpets :

AESTHETICS and comfort are usually a priority when selecting floorcoverings for commercial installations. But these are not the only considerations. Maintenance and long-term performance are frequently key issues when determining the final specification, especially when including sustainability and whole life costs.

Controversy exists over whether smooth floors or carpets are easiest to maintain. Both have their place but, with a good cleaning regime, carpet retains its appearance and is as hygienic as any other flooring material since it holds the dust, grime and associated bacteria in place, rather than that allowing it to float into the air to be inhaled.

From the health & safety perspective, carpet is soft should falls occur, and non-slip even when liquid is spilt. It also offers comfort underfoot and is an inherently sound absorbent material so is ideal where acoustics are an issue.

With a good upright vacuum cleaner, carpet maintenance is very easy. Models with strong suction and driven brushes are the most effective for carpets as they groom and lif tthe pile and remove dirt far more effectively than cylinder cleaners. A variety of height settings on good quality upright vacuum cleaners allows adjustment to different pile heights and constructions. On certain models, an electronic guide for brush height ensures optimum cleaning results and a longer brush life.

A well designed upright vacuum cleaner is manoeuvrable, controllable and easy to use. Uprights offer a very high level of productivity and can clean a carpeted floor rapidly and, as the brush roller agitates the pile, thoroughly.

If the upright is used in a systematic way, such as overlapping one pass sweeps, the floor area is cleaned quickly and efficiently, saving considerably on time-related costs.

Commercial cleaning is a regular task that must be conducted to the highest standards. Any cleaning regime depends on usage of particular areas and should take account of the factthat,whencarpetiswalkedon,anydirtor
grit trapped in the pile will crush against the fibres causing premature wear. This is a problem at entrances and other heavily- used areas so daily vacuuming is advisable in these locations. Entrance mats to protect carpeted areas are always sensible and need to be regularly vacuumed.

For removing soiling that a vacuum cleaner cannot pick up, carpet cleaning powder (also known as compound) is excellent.

This consists of micro-sponges which contain a safe solvent for greasy soiling, a neutral shampoo for non-greasy soiling and an anti re-soilant to delay re-soiling.

The powder may be used in conjunction with a brushing machine which works the powder deep into the pile and around every fibre, in the process absorbing soiling. Unlike wet cleaning agents, which cause
problems like carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and periods where the area cannot be used due to long drying times, powder is simply vacuumed away leaving the carpet clean,softandfresh.

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