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Improve Not Move

Highlighting the latest trends
Joe Sweeney, stone and wood buyer for Topps Tiles, advises professionals on how they can help their customers to adopt the latest wood flooring trends: 
WITH flooring trends increasingly under the spotlight and homeowners taking advantage of a wider range of options, the time of wood flooring simply serving a functional purpose is long over.
Homeowners are still in need of functionality but they also crave style and sophistication for their homes as well as wanting designs that are built to last and durable enough to withstand whatever life brings. With so much choice on offer it’s up to trade professionals and retailers to provide their customers with essential advice about style and performance so that they can make informed choices about flooring that satisfies their every need.
Retailers have recently noticed an upsurge in the demand for wood flooring designs, particularly solid and engineered wood. These more expensive options provide a traditional and contemporary finish as well as warmth and comfort and with the new ‘improve don’t move’ culture among homeowners it’s best to advise that customers invest in flooring that not only looks beautiful, but lasts for decades too.
Cheaper options, such as laminate and vinyl come in several natural colours, are hard wearing and easy to lay so are a good option for first time buyers.
A key wood flooring trend of the moment is the ‘heritage’ look. This style can be achieved with a Herringbone pattern, an engineered wood flooring tile that is gloss finished and fitted into a geometric ‘zig-zag’ formation.
This striking design, is available in various colours and comes with a lacquered finish. Teamed with underfloor heating, herringbone is perfect for living rooms and dining spaces due to its durability and attractive look. To preserve the beauty of this lacquered engineered wood flooring it is essential that after-care is advised.
Homeowners should be using high gloss detergents to clean their flooring, which create a self-polishing film and offers protection from wear and dirt as well as creating an attractive gloss finish.
Another popular trend is ‘modern luxury’. One way to achieve this style is with Silkwood Bamboo. This incredibly versatile solid wood flooring can be used throughout the home, including bathrooms and conservatories, offering an oriental appearance that is uber chic.
With random plank lengths and horizontal strand detail, Bamboo gives a natural look and a warm caramel glow that almost glistens in the light. With its smooth finish, carbonised Bamboo looks classy, stylish and timeless and suits most homes.
Silkwood Bamboo can also be treated with an opaque white wash, this masks the natural details giving a clean and seamless feel, which is perfect for homeowners who want to create a minimalist look.
When advising homeowners on any flooring projects it’s worth highlighting the benefits of adding trims and scotias. Scotias are designed to hide gaps between the edge of the floor and the skirting but they also create the perfect place to tuck cables out of sight.
The latest technology uses inkjet wood imagery that matches the style and grain of the wood flooring perfectly. These new designs are also self-adhesive and have a rubber lip to prevent water damage.
It’s also beneficial to advise customers to consider transition profiles and door bars as a finishing touch to their flooring project. Transition profiles and door bars help the flooring to flow between rooms, even when the material changes from wood to tile or wood to carpet.
Helping homeowners to consider the finishing touches during the project will make the difference between a good finish and a great finish and advising on key trends will ensure that customers enjoy their flooring for years.

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