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The correct tools and workwear are an essential part of a floorlayer’s kit:

Hultafors has introduced its chalk line tools offering pinpoint accuracy for measuring and marking on site.
The company’s range of measuring and marking products includes a selection of top quality chalk line products, described as ingenious and robust, top quality products to make your job easier on site, marking straight lines – indoors and outside.

Personna has been manufacturing top quality blades for over 100 years, starting with the introduction of the first safety razor, and then moving into surgical blades, single edge and utility blades.

The company has now introduced a new flooring blade with a specially designed edge, claimed to consistently last at least 50% longer than other similar blades, to support our range of carpet fitting tools.

In tests carried out with carpet fitters, it’s reported that an entire house can be fitted out with just one blade.

Personna also has a range of carpet fitting tools, including hooked blades, knee kickers, floor scrapers and specialist cutters.

Primatech designs and manufactures an array of high performance manual and pneumatic nailers for floorlayers. Every tool is said to put accent on comfort, speed and precision.

This Canadian manufacturer and exporter conducts constant field testing and research, constantly expanding its offer and enhancing the performance of its tools. The Primpact striking module, PrimSurfer roller base and extended selection of U-Customise group of accessories are some of the company’s innovations.

Redbacks award winning non-foam based, pocketed safety kneepads are said to save injury, time and money. The kneepad is designed to maintain its maximum cushioning effect throughout prolonged use.

They are also claimed to ‘help prevent up to six months down time and subsequent loss of earnings through knee injury in the workplace’, according to CL-7, the company which manufactures the Redbacks product which won the 2012 SATRA best innovation in occupational PPE award.

‘There are over 80,000 registered knee operations by the NHS each year’, says Cliff Lockyer, ceo of CL-7. He adds that 60% of these operations are due to injuries from soft tissue ‘wear and tear’ or osteoarthritis caused by inadequate protection while kneeling’.

The Redbacks kneepads feature a soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring, set within a honeycomb matrix. This new ‘cushioning technology’ is said to distribute body weight evenly, elevating the knees to relieve back pain and reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints, while minimising risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects.

An antimicrobial version fights infection by attacking micro-organisms at source, helping to protect the wearer from knee infection and prevent the spread of disease, is available to order.

The kneepads are described as flexible and easy to fit tightly and comfortably into most knee-pocketed work trousers, ‘breathable’ and fully washable and non-slip.

Their abrasive-resistant covers are designed to allow wearers to keep cool and dry in hot or damp conditions and protect the knees from cold surfaces.

Knee replacements are reportedly becoming more common with over 80,000 performed in the UK each year.
Romus has launched the new Linea Groover for vinyl and linoleum. The monoblock Linea has a guiding system claimed to make a ‘U’ groove perfectly centred without a ruler. It also has precise depth adjustment and locking, while its four castor wheels are said to make its use quick and easy, and for perfect finishing, the blade reportedly goes right up to the skirting.

For over 43 years, Romus has been inventing, designing and manufacturing tools, profiles and accessories for flooring contractors in over 60 countries.

The company’s patented High-Tech Trimmer, for trimming all kinds of floorcoverings (including carpet and vinyl), is reportedly still its best seller.

Snickers says its summer working clothes are intelligently designed for working comfort, ventilation and functionality. All the products are said to be tried and tested to deliver maximum ventilation and comfort on site.

The company offers a wide range of garments and accessories for tradesmen and women, including work trousers in CoolTwill fabric, multi-functional shorts, plus Snickers’ original pirate trousers with kneepads.

Also among the products are AVS polo shirts designed to keep you dry when you perspire and sure-footed; working socks made from breathable Coolmax material to keep your hard-working feet dry and comfortable. These products are complimented by Snickers profiling and embroidery services, plus an extensive range of garment sizes and colours.

Snickers’ new XTR Kneepads are claimed to take cutting edge knee protection to a new level. They’re ergonomically designed and made from the advanced D30 material, designed to stiffen on impact and absorb impact energy to reduce the effects of kneeling.

D30, described as a highly durable material, is a specially engineered material made from ‘intelligent’ molecules said to move as you do, but on shock will lock together to absorb impact energy.

The product also has an extremely low compression rate, said to ensure the kneepads keep their shape during work and last for longer.

The advanced pre-bent design of these kneepads combines a soft but sturdy outer with high-tech, shock-absorbent D30 on the inside to give complete functionality and working comfort if you spend a lot of time on your knees.

Seinel (UK), which boasts being one of the world’s largest heat gun manufacturers, has launched the HG 2300 EM heat gun with a field-changeable heating element.

The product is described as setting a new standard for flooring installation, combining ergonomic, easy-to-use design with powerful heat output – at a highly competitive price.

For flooring contractors, the HG 2300 EM Heat Gun is said to offer total flexibility and complete accuracy, while offering value for money. In terms of technology, the heat gun’s variable temperature and airflow control are claimed to ensure a perfect job every time.

The electronic thermocouple control even enables users to reduce air to a pinpoint.

Further flexibility is provided by its modular construction. Its heating element and power cord are both said to be easy to change even while out on the job.

With its long-life brushless motor, the 120VAC product is designed to function at an extremely high performance level, producing an output of 1750W. And airflow can reach up to 15.4 cfm (3000 Pa air pressure).

It’s also reported to be ultra-quiet, with a fast heat-up time, rapidly achieving temperatures of up to 1250degF (677degC). It has a standard nozzle size, measuring 1.2in (30mm) in diameter.

The HG 2300 EM heat gun is available as part of a range of kits from Steinel, including the Hawk flooring kit, which includes a selection of high-quality tools in a heavy-duty case.

Peter Lawrence, md of Steinel (UK), comments: ‘We’ve listened to the needs of flooring contractors and designed a heat gun that’s flexible enough to be used whenever and wherever.

The fully electronic temperature and airflow control make the HG 2300 EM heat gun extremely powerful, but very simple to use.’

The company, which is C-UL-UL listed, RoHs compliant, and ISO 9001:2001 accredited, also manufactures a comprehensive range of heat guns and nozzles. Steinel is always interested in talking to potential distributors for its heat gun range.

Wolff (part of Uzin) supplies high-quality machines and tools for floorcovering removal, application and substrate-preparation, including a range of subfloor preparation machines and strippers, with either oscillating principle or impact technology, to suit a variety of needs.

The Wolff Turbo Stripper is described as an extremely powerful machine yet easy to handle and transport. It features an impact system with 5,000 beats per minute combined with an automatic drive system.

Its Duro Stripper, on the other hand, is designed for small to medium sized areas and is available to buy as a handheld or floor unit.

Wolff also offers several folders and a DVD with detailed technical information for flooring professionals.

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