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Tools are essential for floorlayers to finish any project successfully:

Chesterman supplies Protimeter moisture meters, which are designed to assist in the early detection and monitoring of high moisture levels and for diagnosing the causes of existing dampness problems. The Protimeter Mini is described as a compact, general purpose pin type moisture meter for making rapid moisture assessments in a wide range of materials. The pins are small and sharp allowing measurements to be taken at the surface with virtually no marks left behind, says Chesterman.

The Protimeter Aquant is used for checking the relative moisture condition of building elements such as solid walls and floors prior to more rigorous and time-consuming investigative procedures that may be required. The Surveymaster operates both of the above modes in one instrument.

Floorwise has introduced an updated DS 5000 Gulliver door trimmer model, claimed to take functionality and ease of use to the next level. Featuring a 1700W motor, it boasts two graduated columns to guide the base plate, allowing the door to be trimmed to the exact height of the flooring being installed (from 8-55mm). The frontal base plate is designed for maximum stability, while the motor spins the blade at 4900rpm for a clean cut free from splinters and scratches. The Gulliver DS 5000 can be used horizontally or vertically and an unusual offset motor layout reportedly allows easier penetration into wood at steeper angles.

Weighing just 8kg, the machine features a double insulated motor and integrated safety switch to prevent accidental switching on, while the blade is protected at all times by a sliding cover. Supplied in its own wooden carrying box, the product joins Floorwise’s extensive tools and sundries portfolio, featuring high quality floorcovering specific tools. It is available from a nationwide network of Floorwise distributors.

Gekko, now part of the Quin Global Group, claims that floorlayers can save 86 working days a year with its new adhesive applicator. Launched last summer, the Gekko G1 applicator was developed for flooring contractors. A battery-powered upright applicator, it can be used for fixing wooden flooring, either solid or engineered. Featuring a spreader head, it enables users to apply a clean and precise application across the width of the floor boards cutting down the jobbing time and amount of waste, says Alex Nunn, marketing director at Gekko.

‘Early feedback shows that users of the Gekko can carry out 30% more work in every hour than before. That’s about 20 minutes, so based on an average working day of seven hours users of the Gekko save two hours and 20 minutes every day. ‘This improvement in productivity will therefore allow users to spend much less time on the job but for the same fee or get on and do much more work.’ The Gekko has an upright design meaning the operator need not kneel down on the floor to apply adhesive. The battery powered operation is designed to avoid operators tripping over cables or air lines. With Quin Global also manufacturing a specialist hygienic wall cladding applicator, the two products can be used on their own or combined.

Hultafors’ range of knives have been designed and developed for tradesmen.With prototypes researched and built to suit their needs and then crafted into ergonomically sound tools, these knives will suit a host of needs on site, says the company. There are heavy duty knives, craftsman’s knives, safety knives, chisel knives and utility knives. plus specialist knives for electricians, plumbers and painters. All are reportedly made from the highest quality Japanese steel which is honed and sharpened for durability and effectiveness. The handles and sheaths are made from extra durable polypropylene plastic. And the different knives are colour coded so you can pick the right one first time from your toolbox. The company supplies the Fisco tools range for measuring, marking, striking, cutting and chopping; and even prying and wrecking bars. The new Hultafors tools product and price catalogue is available free.

Janser, which was established in Germany 50 years ago, and operating in the UK now for over 22 years, has added to its already range of tools and machinery for the flooring industry.

The new Dia–disc is described as a competitively priced diamond grinding plate to remove screed, stubborn residual adhesives, and paint coatings from subfloors. The disc is designed to fit the Janser Columbus range of single disc grinding machines. Also improved is the Strato-mobil stripping machine. An adjustable main handle (to six different working heights) is now incorporated. It also features an adjustable blade holder to make getting the right angle of attack easier. The LX range of wood/laminate guillotines includes the LX-230, giving rapid, dust-free cutting of engineered boards up to 22mm thick. An improved range of carpet heat seam tapes is also available, to compliment Janser’s established heat seam iron range, including both 110v and 6-inch wide models.

Makita is expanding 10.8 volt Lithium-ion power tool range said to be especially suited to tasks such as kitchen and bathroom installations and other projects where access is limited.

The running time of these 10.8v tools – which offer a 50-minute recharge time – is claimed to be longer than similar voltage Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries. A new jigsaw, reciprocating saw, tile cutter and compact site radio, join the range, which includes drill drivers, impact driver, impact wrench, 85mm circular saw and vacuum cleaner. The ‘Pink Drill’ is a special edition 10.8v drill driver to support the Breast Cancer Care charity with a £5 donation from Makita for every unit sold. The new JV100 10.8v Lithium-ion jigsaw is designed to cut 65mm in timber and 2mm in mild steel. With an 18mm stroke length and up to 2,400 strokes per minute and three orbital and one straight cut blade operating mode selected by a body side lever, this jigsaw weighs only 1.7kg and measures just 196mm from the top of the soft-grip handle to the base-plate and 231mm from front to rear.

A dust blower feature is said to keep the cutting line clear and visible; a dust extraction connection is provided. The new JR100D and JR102D 10.8v reciprocating saws provide two operating switch alternatives on one tool. The normal rubberised non-slip pistol grip has the traditional variable speed trigger switch, but for tight access operations a paddle switch only requires the operator to get his hand around the body to hold it in position and squeeze the paddle switch. Maintaining the compact and robust philosophy of the 10.8v range is the new Makita MR051 site radio with two 1.5 watt speakers and full AM and FM ranges, push-button or manual tuning and full-volume run time of two hours.

Primatech says its wide range of reliable flooring tools help professional fitters achieve superior results. The Primatech 330 Pro Nailer and its superior quality nails is designed for working upright. It is said to provide constant penetration angle and impact, for visual harmony and uniformity. Claimed to ensure optimal retention under the wood’s natural movements, the company’s 16ga nails include T 38, 50mm along with L 38, 45 and 50mm. The 18ga family of L nails feature the 32, 38 plus the improved 45mm for use on all subfloors.

QEP Co UK has introduced the Vitrex long reach sander for denibbing wooden floors and removing nibs trapped in layers of surface finishes. Supplied in a rugged carry case, the telescopic long reach sander can be extended to a full working length of 220cm and it is foldable for easy transportation and storage. The 600w motor is designed to ensure efficient power transfer to the sanding pad for smooth operation and the variable speed is said to ensure constant control. Meanwhile, the double dust extraction reportedly ensures a clean working area and prevents clogging of the abrasive surface.

This Vitrex sander can be used standing up (no need to get on your hands and knees), according to QEP. It is also said to have excellent weight distribution with the motor at the end of the sander.

Snickers ‘describes its ‘innovative; new work trousers and KneeGuards as smart, practical and hard-wearing ‘providing uncompromising protection and comfort for your knees every working day’. Made from a cotton/polyamide mix, the trousers have a host of handy pockets and internal KneeGuard pockets to keep them in position when you move around on-site. Both trousers and KneeGuards are ergonomically designed to anticipate your natural working movements to ensure maximum comfort and protection with Cordura reinforcements in all the right places. There’s also a range of accessories including tool pouches and belts.

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