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Inroads Made By LVT

Paul Barratt on the inroads being made by LVT

WHILE the difficult economy is affecting businesses, it is also clear that when there is a lull in one sector, delving into a different market that is growing is the way to do business.

Mostsectorsareexperiencing fundingcuts,newbuildprojects and refurbishments are being restricted and with budgets already tight every penny spent now must be able to prove its worth.

Despite projects being scaled down clients are still looking for best value for money, and that doesn’t just relate to the price. This is where LVT comes into its own; offering longevity, style and vital practicality benefits as well as an affordable price tag.

The Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) market is a robust one that’s continuing to riseinpopularity.Lookingatthe businessleadswereceivedin2012, there has been a notable rise, particularly in housing associations and hospitality projects.

The application of LVT in High Street retail remains the biggest part in the market, its practical benefits and design meets this sector’s needs.

However leisure and hospitality is the fastest growing and is also realising the product benefits. Construction costs are lower than they have been for five years, so businesses are spending surplus funds on designelementssuchasLVT.

LVThassteadilycapturedshares from other flooring materials throughout 2012; this is why it is more apparent than ever that competition for business within the flooring sector is high. We strive to operate across multiple sectors so that in the current weak economic climate, we don’t see a drop in sales but more just a shift in focus. Demonstrating pioneering product design, quality and the best value makes certain that business sales do not reflect any decline in the market.

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sales director at Karndean Designflooring

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