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Inspired by Nature and Tradition, Flooring Trends Bring Home a Relaxed Sophistication

This year’s flooring trends, according to interior designers, are all about returning to a relaxed, simpler time as homeowners look to escape the 24/7 digital age through nature-inspired, artisan-styled home décor. We’re choosing colors, textures and materials that make us feel connected to history, tradition and the environment.

Authenticity is behind many of the current flooring trends that take inspiration from the past. While these looks invoke a warm, comfortable feeling, they also reflect design influences that are innovative and stylish.

Rustic craftsmanship in hand-scraped hardwood

Hand-scraped hardwood replicates floors of an earlier time when craftsmen used simple tools to carve long, beautiful planks of wood. The inevitable gouges, cuts and saw marks added character. Walking barefoot on hand-scraped hardwood gives proof to the crafter’s handwork as the slight variations in the surface texture are felt.

Serene, spacious appeal of wide-plank flooring

Wide-plank hardwood flooring is a trend that brings a relaxed, rustic look into our homes. Wider, longer planks show a species grain, knots and burling to a greater effect and, with widths spanning 4”, 5”, 8”, even 16”, your room will appear more spacious and definitely more inviting.

Imperfectly beautiful distressed wood flooring

Of all the current flooring trends, distressed hardwood flooring enters the design spotlight as an example of “wabi-sabi,” a Japanese design philosophy meaning “find beauty in the imperfect.” Wabi-sabi celebrates artistry in objects that are mismatched, irregular, unconventional or so simple as to be easily overlooked. It also appreciates the integrity of natural objects and how they aesthetically influence our senses.

Black and white and trendy all over

One of the hottest flooring trends is the simple yet very sophisticated look of color blocking. This trend promotes eye-popping colors set against a monochromatic background of black, white or gray. For floors that means black as in stained maple hardwood or mahogany; white as in the natural look of light-colored stone achieved in luxury vinyl tile; and the increasingly popular grey showing up in flooring showrooms everywhere. Complement neutral flooring with area rugs and accessories in the current color trends, and your room will always have a fresh, fashion forward look.

Want dramatic? Think exotic

Exotic hardwoods appeal to those who value the art of nature and self-expression. Distinct species such as tigerwood, Brazilian cherry and acacia add excitement to a room with their vivid colors and striking grain patterns. The effect is dramatic and stunningly elegant.

Certainly out of the ordinary, these exciting flooring trends take familiar concepts and rework them into inspiring floors that bring fashionable comfort and effortless style into our homes.

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