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It Stands To Reason Why You Should Use Resin

Helen McGachie, ceo of FeRFA (the Resin Flooring Association) explains the outstanding qualities of resin flooring for use in industrial locations:

INDUSTRIAL floors present challenges for any flooring system, but not too great a challenge for resin flooring which has successfully met the rigorous requirements of this environment for over 40 years.

As the association dedicated to seamless resin flooring, and the renowned centre of technical knowledge on this specialist area, FeRFA leads the way in providing advice and guidance.

Recently redesigned to give a fresh new look, the FeRFA website gives the most comprehensive source of information on all aspects of resin flooring and the companies involved. Under the technical section, a series of guidance notes provide up to date information and practical advice on the specification, performance, application and maintenance of resin floors.

The FeRFA classification (based on BS8204-6) is a good place to start as it shows the various types of resin flooring, from Type 1 to Type 8, their areas of use and anticipated life dependent on product thickness, quality of the substrate and service conditions.

FeRFA publications are RIBA CPD approved, free to download and provide an invaluable source of reference. Topics covered also include recycling and sustainability, with full details on FeRFA’s award winning recycling scheme, together with monthly results on diverting waste from landfill.

To see real examples of industrial flooring projects where seamless resin flooring has been installed, browse the Gallery section where there is a showcase of resin flooring projects, across the market sectors, together with details of FeRFA members involved.

The installation of resin floors is a specialist skill area and as the association representing resin flooring, FeRFA fully endorses a qualified workforce through the achievement of NVQ Level 2 and above, leading to a FeRFA ID Badge and CSCS Skills Cards.

To further support training achievement, a new web portal is being developed where online e-modules will be available during 2013 for apprenticeship training, upskilling and supervisory management.

For anyone involved in the specification, refurbishment or installation of industrial floors, we would recommend a visit to the FeRFA website. T: 01252 714250 CFJ

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