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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is not as complicated as people may believe.

There are just a few key things to think about:

1) What color/style do you like? This is an obvious home decor related topic and the most important question as long as the technical features and benefits match your answers below. So the best advice is to answer the questions below FIRST and then pick a color and style from the products that meet your requirements noted below.

2) How long do you want it to last – or in other words how long will you be in the home? This helps establish a budget. If you are just preparing a home for sale then your flooring budget will be less than if you are making your dream home and want the flooring to last forever. Yes you most often do get what you pay for. (However, watch out for predatory companies that like to come to your home promising 100% off sales or buy an entry way get 10 houses free. These guys are sharks most often and WAY overprice their products.)

3. Don’t forget underlayment. Having premium underlayment is CRITICAL if you are in a room that sound matters either in the room itself or in the room below. This is a mistake people often make in laminate – and then people are surprised and or disappointed that the sound of the floor is hollow.

If you have the right budget (which is setting expectations about longevity), the right underlayment for the right ambiance and the right color – you will have the perfect laminate floor!