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Learning Benefits Of Carpet

Abby Chandler, marketing manager of Heckmondwike FB, examines the rising popularity of zoning for flooring in educational environments and its impact on the learning abilities of pupils: 

ZONING is an increasing trend in educational environments to create clear demarcation of areas for specific functions. With more use of open plan spaces in schools and colleges, zoning is a good way to segregate specific areas.

Floorcoverings, particularly carpet, play an important role in demarcation, thus creating opportunities for using colour, creating aesthetically-pleasing interiors.

This zonal approach has been found to engage young people and create a stimulating learning environment, as a recent study across seven primary schools in Blackpool shows.

The study by the University of Salford and architect Nightingale Associates demonstrates that school layouts can influence a child’s development by as much as 25% – positively or negatively – over the academic year.

In this research, each classroom was rated for quality on 10 environmental factors, such as natural light, shape, colour, temperature and acoustics, as part of a study on the impact of design in the learning environment.

With carpets long being favoured for education, mainly due to their sound absorption properties, now the characteristics of fibre bonded carpet mean that zoning can effectively be used within this environment.
Fibre bonded carpet is suited to the purpose as it can easily be cut on site to create individual zones, with no risk of the carpet unraveling or fraying.

And, with a wide choice of colours available, specific zones can be created to reflect an area’s purpose or a school’s corporate branding. So, fibre bonded carpet is helping to reinforce a modern trend for zoning within educational environments.

Clearly the choice of carpet can have a very positive impact on a school and the level of attainment of its pupils.

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