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Let’s Talk Wood

It’s a fact—wood floors add value and character to any home. The popularity of wood is still enjoying huge and sustained interest with consumers, and manufacturers have wisely responded with more collections and inspired new products. Let me give you a visual tour of some of the stunners that were highlighted at Surfaces:

Provenza Floors in Southern California is not a newcomer to the hardwood flooring industry. They have a history of elevating wood floors to museum-quality works of art. Look at the graining and exceptional finish on this particular “work of art”. The mid-range coloration makes this style a front-runner in their collection. Provenza is expert at finding the right species and “cuts” and then executing stains and flawless finishes that bring out the inherent beauty of the wood. This is a great example.

Provenza-Paint-Inject-Woods_300How about novelty wood finishes that are designed to make a statement? Provenza has that covered as well. Their technique of injecting color right into the wood is brilliant, both in concept and coloration. These are definitely “statement” floors and meant to be the focal point of a design. The “wow” factor is obvious, as you can see…

Provenza-woods_300Here are just a few more Provenza selections to highlight the versatility of styles available right now. I see a trend towards vintage looks. Also woods featuring high texture, inclusive of saw marks and chatter marks. Colors range from light to dark, and every nuance in between.

DuChateau-Zimbabwei_300I always enjoy the Du Chateau Wood Floors exhibit. Their spectacular finishes are exceptional, and of course there are always one or two show-stoppers that literally stop you in your tracks. Pictured here is their new style “Zimbabwie”, an exotic color- diverse hardwood that is one of a kind. Multi levels of gray tones are accented with striations of peachy neutrals. What a great combination! And of course it’s the signature graining that gives it its name.

Natural hardwood floors show no signs of waning in popularity. The floor covering industry has gone to great extents to be cautious in harvesting woods conscientiously. Certifications have been established, and every hardwood floor sample will be labeled appropriately to ensure consumers that they meet strict government regulations. If you are a hardwood lover, go ahead and find the floor of your dreams without reservation.