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Limitless Possibilities To Flooring Design

Julie Dempster, marketing manager at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains what is involved in creating
bespoke flooring designs: 

AS the largest surface area within a building, the flooring offers a real opportunity for creative design. For contractors, sourcing products and design solutions that enable them to create bespoke decorative floors is a useful way of adding value to their service, by offering clients a wholly distinctive look.

There are a number of key factors that need to be considered when designing a bespoke installation. Choosing an appropriate floorcovering for the application is critical as unique decorative floors can be produced in a wide variety of materials, including carpet, vinyl, linoleum, flocked floorcoverings and entrance flooring systems.

The aesthetics of the floor and its relation to the overall interior design is clearly important, but it’s also essential to consider the practical elements such as long-term performance, maintenance and cost.

For example, in high-traffic public locations, such as schools, hospitals and leisure environments, choosing a resilient product is a worthwhile decision. For these areas, there are specific methods of installing decorative flooring, which can really add a striking and creative impact.

The possibilities that technological advancements offer are endless for creating bespoke and inspiring floorcoverings, allowing for freedom to encapsulate all manner of designs and patterns to reflect the desired style and interior of a building.

Water cutting technology enables reproduction of the most intricate designs and allows for never-ending creativity. Patterns can be achieved by using a combination of off-the-shelf designs or by creating an individual design. Whether it is a thematic floor, a work of art or a company logo, the possibilities are limitless.

Aquajet technology uses a fine computer-controlled jet of water at high pressure, which is used to cut through the material with supreme accuracy. An example can be seen in the Discovery Lounge of the William Morris Gallery, in Walthamstow, where an original design from the 19th century artist has been recreated in Marmoleum, using Aquajet. The gallery wanted a bespoke flooring installation reflecting elements of William Morris’s own designs, which were predominantly based on nature.

Exhibited within the gallery is the one surviving sample of the only linoleum pattern Morris created and so it was decided that the intricate floral design would be reproduced throughout the floor space. The final design choice was four times the size of the original repeat and features a dramatic pattern of crimson flowers and green leaves on a black background.

No matter the floor type or area, choosing and creating a unique style and design has been made simple with technological advances and manufacturer developments. Contractors can also benefit from the experience and guidance from reputable manufacturers to help with any problem or situation. Ultimately, being able to offer advice to a client on making a feature statement or expressing a corporate identity will ensure job satisfaction and added value.