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Made To Order

Bespoke flooring is becoming more and more common:

ege carpets were used in the Le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel which won the Boutique Design Award 2012 in the category ‘most surprising visual element’.

Located in Luxembourg, the hotel wanted customised carpets for its suites, restaurant and hallways.

Interior designers Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk, from JOI-Design GmbH, said: ‘The 22 hotel suites are in three types for different audiences, each with different materials and furniture.

They added: ‘Because of ege’s excellent service, our carpet pattern ideas were quickly developed and implemented.’

Heckmondwike FB reports increasing demand for its bespoke entrance area carpets, which can be customised with logos and designs.

West Hove Infant School, East Sussex, requested entrance matting from the company’s Diamond range to display the school’s name and strapline.

Diamond entrance mats are designed to incorporate any designs. Their 100% polypropylene cobbled effect surface will reportedly not ravel or fray, ensuring long-term appearance without high maintenance costs.

The mat was specified by Andy Watson from local contractor Hurren and Glynn Carpet and Flooring, which undertook the refurbishment. He comments: ‘The school logo is different as the motif is based on a hand drawn style design rather than traditional crest.

‘We regularly specify Heckmondwike flooring because their products are hardwearing and durable. They are also able to tailor products to the needs of the project.’

Heckmondwike says its design team can accommodate endless design possibilities, to incorporate any logo or image into its entrance mats.

Abby Chandler, marketing manager at Heckmondwike FB, said: ‘There are few carpet manufacturers which offer this bespoke entrance mat service and we have seen a big influx of enquiries recently.’

Interface helped to create a vibrant indoor play area for young visitors to Whipsnade Zoo as part of its partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The project is part of a wider collaboration which recently saw the launch of Net-Works, a project to tackle the growing environmental problem of discarded fishing nets in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities.

Hannah Harper, concept designer at Interface, said: ‘We had a great deal of creative freedom for this project.

‘Our vision was to create a fun and sensory play area to help to stimulate children’s imaginations, so we developed a scheme around different animal habitats.

‘Using vibrant colours, the play area was divided into zones, each with its own personality, emulating aspects of the natural world.’

For the jungle area, new Mellopolis tiles were used in Postremo colourway. The same tiles were chosen for the Antarctic zone in Urbis colourway, featuring varying shades of blue to imitate ice and snow.

Featuring flashes of colour on a dark background, Bright Spark tiles from the Razzle Dazzle collection were selected for the reception and seating areas, in Firecracker colourway.

Barricade tiles were chosen for the entrance zone, helping to keep the play area as clean as possible.

In the safari zone, Safari tiles were used in Black and White alongside Duet tiles in the sandy shade, Saffron, to emulate a safari terrain. The varying pile heights of Duet tiles offered a hardwearing solution.
Polyflor reports having over 20 years’ experience delivering floor design solutions, claiming virtually no limit to shapes, pattern or pictures that can be created by the Manchester-based Polyflor Design Service.

It undertakes all the work from creating the flooring design using CAD software to cutting material and building the design.

Polyflor employs high precision waterjet cutting machines on the designs.

Using custom built software, the cutting tables reportedly cut to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm, using water pressure of up to 40,000psi.

Each colour in the design is individually cut and then assembled like a jigsaw.

The design department regularly helps flooring contractors, architects and designers realise stunning floors, providing support throughout the project.

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