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Bespoke flooring and logos enable clients and contractors to be very different:

Forbo Flooring Systems was involved in the redevelopment of the largest gallery at Eureka!, the National Children’s Museum, supplying Marmoleum in a wide range of shades to create colourful designs in the floor.
A combination of bright colours such as Blush and Charteuse were drawn from Marmoleum’s sheet and tile collections for installation in the new ‘All About Me’ gallery which opened last year and has since attracted over 245,000 visitors.
Ned Phillips, architect from At Large, says: ‘We needed everything to be of the highest quality in terms of aesthetics and materials used. The museum required a floor design reflecting the lively nature and playfulness of the gallery. Marmoleum made the flooring a standout feature.’
The design was created using Forbo’s Aquajet water cutting technology, and all the elements were installed seamlessly together by Paynters Flooring Service, a member of the CFA.
Made from 97% natural raw materials, Marmoleum is coated with Topshield2, a double layer water-based finish designed to provide protection against scuffing and dirt, and resists stains and chemicals.
Heckmondwike supplied new Supacord fibre bonded carpet tiles for the new Orion Primary School in the London Borough of Barnet.
As its motto is ‘recognising the star in everyone’, the Ofsted Outstanding school with over 550 pupils required the carpet to be incorporated with stars in several different colours throughout the corridor areas.
Heckmondwike FB supplied 2,600sq m of Supacord carpet tiles in purple, graphite, orange, willow, azure, blueberry, emerald, steel and violet, as well as over 220 tiles in graphite with individual stars cut out.
The installation was by Hertfordshire-based flooring contractor Rees Flooring, a member of the CFA.
The specification also included 100sq m of specialist entrance area carpet Hippo in Slate and Anthracite colourways for the entrance areas to the school.
This established entrance area is said to clean shoes and act as an interceptor to dirt and moisture, as part of enhancing the lifespan of the carpet.
Chris Flathers, headteacher of Orion Primary School, said: ‘The carpet was chosen as it offered a wide choice of colours to reflect our corporate identity and provide a positive feel to the school.
It was important that the motto recognising the star in everyone could be reflected in the carpet, reinforcing the message to pupils on a daily basis.’
The new Orion Primary School was built a mile away from the previous school, which was too small to accommodate the number of children requiring places in the area. The new school is part of the London Borough of Barnet’s plans to increase primary school places in the borough.
Available in 42 colours, Supacord is reportedly specified for schools where aesthetics and durability are important.
The range has been assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and gained a BRE Global A+ environmental rating for school buildings, offices and retail outlets. Sample cards for Supacord are available on request.
Plastic Extruders states that its Frontrunner entrance flooring system offers attractive options and easy, quick and seamless installations.
The Frontrunner range, manufactured from flexible PVC and supplied in 10m long rolls, offers five colour grids, together with 10 absorbent inserts, giving 50 possible design combinations.
Significantly, the company also offers the incorporation of logo panels in its matting.
The range includes products that act as primary and secondary mattings. Such system is designed to initially scrape dirt off shoes and wheels thanks to aggressive diamond tread patterns or nylon brushes. The addition of absorbent inserts provide clean and dry.
The products in the range feature open grid rolls in two heights that permit dirt and debris to fall through and prevent them from entering the building.
For applications with no recessed matwell, 6.5mm high open ribbed products have been designed, with a solid back construction to contains dirt.
All the options are said to offer a ‘dramatic reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs’.
Polyflor reports having over 20 years experience delivering floor design solutions from simple tile patterns, through to borders, compass designs and custom cut motifs large or small.
There’s virtually no limit to the shapes, patterns or pictures you can create with the help of the Polyflor Design Service, says the company. The precision and the flexibility of waterjet cutting, using a high-pressure stream of water 0.1mm thick, is reportedly able to produce any design required. Examples are school badges, information signs, corporate motifs and children’s designs. Recent examples include the Oldham College Fashion Academy headquarters logo installed within the entrance to the academy.

Sika has introduced its seamless Decorative and Comfort Floor ranges, said to help UK architects and interior designers achieve greater design freedom.
The result of 40 years’ flooring expertise, Sika’s high performance epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring systems are claimed to push the boundaries in liquid applied vinyl to new levels.
The ranges are said to offer a sustainable, cost effective and seamless solution with thousands of design possibilities.
From bold single colours to granite, decorative quartz, decorative flake and marble effects, the stylish range is described as lending itself to new build and refurbishment projects across a wide range of commercial sectors including retail, offices, healthcare, leisure, education and food and drink.
The Sika Comfortfloor range, for example, is particularly designed for commercial and public buildings where personnel stand for long periods of time, or where reduction in footfall noise and horizontal noise transmission is required.
This seamless system is described as being easy to apply and able to be built up to serve individual comfort, acoustic, design, colour and cost requirements, with optional gloss and matt finishes, smooth and anti-slip coatings, covings, floor to wall coatings, and incorporation into underfloor heating systems.
Mark Bushell, national sales manager flooring and refurbishment at Sika, says:
‘We’ve listened to the needs of our customers and have developed an impressive alternative to traditional sheet vinyl, lino, tile and timber flooring.
‘The Decorative and Comfort Floor ranges are simple to apply, and leave nothing to desire from a technical, practical or aesthetic regard. They can even be refreshed to further extend the lifecycle’.
Sika’s commercial flooring systems can be downloaded in formats including BIM and NBS Plus. The company has also developed an online flooring estimating tool to help customers calculate the required area and build-up of their chosen flooring system.

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