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Main Mistakes When Buying Flooring

Buying flooring is not something people do everyday, in fact it is a process that folks tend to avoid until they absolutely have to deal with it.

Because of the lack of frequency there are some basic aspects to floor shopping that seems to catch people by surprise. Worse yet, there are some common mistakes that create for unfavorable flooring experiences both during the shopping process and for years to come as they look at the flooring that didn’t measure up to what they thought they were getting.

Here are the top 3 mistakes people make when shopping for flooring:

1. Improper Expectations! – Whether you enter the process with expectations of scratch proof, dent proof, bullet proof flooring or not the flooring sales process tends to inflate your expectations. The “Lifetime” warranties or “50-YEAR” warranties all imply that the flooring will last forever. However, the fine print on all of the warranties basically say the same thing: Normal wear and tear are not covered. So who decides what is normal? Take a guess…

Improper expectations also stem from anecdotes from others. “I had an oak floor for 30 years and it never scratched.” – Well – it did scratch, and new flooring will scratch too. It’s all a matter of relatively. Some floors are more resistant to scratching than others, but often the finish has kind of an orange peel texture to it so it don’t look as nice as some of the other finishes. The point is that having resonsable expectations about a floor are an important part of the process. The laws of physics still apply. It is a floor that is walked on. But if you balance your lifestyle, your expectations and the maintenance you can have the perfect flooring solution.

2. Maintenance Free! – No matter what the sales guy tells you YOU WILL have to maintain the flooring. Yes, there are floors with easier maintenance than others, but again it is just a question of relativity. The number of times people complain about having to clean the floor when they thought their flooring was maintenance free is staggering. ALL flooring requires vacuuming or sweeping and appropriate mopping as well. The method and quantity of water you use may change based on the type of flooring, but make no mistake the MOST IMPORTANT key to keeping your flooring in good condition over the long haul is proper maintenance.