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Make Your Floors Stand Out From The Crowd

Fleur Carson, key account manager at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses the flooring requirements for the hospitality and leisure sector: 
IN a sector where the look, resilience and ease of maintenance is vital, contractors must be able to rely on well-established manufacturers as a proven choice for the demands of hotels, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and leisure facilities.
Likewise, end users will need to have confidence in their contractors that they are up-to-date with key trends in the marketplace, as well as recommending the best performing and looking products.
The desire to be unique and individual has always been prevalent within hospitality. Ultimately, end users want to offer a memorable experience to guests that they haven’t had before, and that is true for floor coverings as much as any other area of interior design.
However, there are a range of factors to consider for the flooring including aesthetics, safety and durability that can affect the chosen specification for hospitality and leisure areas, so a good starting point is to look at current trends influencing style and design within the sector.
The natural look remains a key style, with popularity rising for traditional wood and stone design effects, along with earthy textures and tones. Collections are moving away from dark and tropical wood types to lighter hues helping to create bright and airy spaces.
Providing the perfect backdrop for the injection of deep and rich supporting shades and colour pops, suitable for furniture and soft furnishings in bar, lounge and restaurant areas.
The best solution for combining the authentic wood and stone look with the durable properties needed for hospitality areas is with luxury vinyl tiles, which are hard-wearing and long-lasting. Vinyl tiles can help to give hotel flooring a longer replenishment cycle.
However, it’s the manufacturing advances in this market that are really causing a stir. The use of specialist European technology has opened up a wealth of possibilities, from XL plank and tile formats to reclaimed and vintage woods with paint effects and bright linear abstract designs for mixing and matching with textured tiles.
This is where we see the benefit to specifying luxury vinyl tiles. They offer a design sophistication unlike any other floorcovering where solid colours and intricate pattern shades can be achieved.
The larger tile and plank LVT formats help to portray a more natural effect in large open areas such as restaurants and reception areas. Meanwhile, the superior embossing techniques provide convincing authentic finishes, such as raw timber and the realistic ‘sawn’ look, thanks to the introduction of vertical and horizontal embossing.
Ultimately, hotel and leisure facility clients will increasingly require a floor that is wholly unique through the use of colour, texture and mixing and matching product and will often want to differentiate or tweak design within the brand. Indeed, many hotels are keen to create the ultimate dining and relaxing environments, to encourage guests to spend more time inside the hotel, rather than in other eating establishments.
Here, the design options of LVT can play an important part in creating bespoke and separate areas with a brand of its own, ideal for hotel bars and restaurants.
Hospitality and leisure clients, particularly those at the top end, need to offer their customers the best possible experience to keep them coming back. Luxury vinyl tiles are therefore an ideal solution for this sector where the look, resilience and ease of maintenance is vital.

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