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Many Colours & It’s Green

Linoleum has sound environmental credentials plus many other benefits:

Gerflor says the benefits of its DLW Linoleum collection include ease of maintenance, excellent sustainability credentials, uncompromising design, an extensive colour palette and outstanding durability, making it suited to the healthcare and education sectors, public buildings, offices, industrial buildings and warehouse areas as well as the retail trade, hotels, restaurants and residential properties.

The DLW Linoleum collection embraces styles from Art Nouveau to classic modern through five distinct ranges: Marmorette, Granette, Colorette, Uni Walton and Linodur. These are designed to provide creative freedom with different patterning, performance characteristics and colour combinations based on a specially-created colour system offering three brightness levels.

The product is made from 80% renewable raw materials, including linseed oil, wood powder, wood resins, limestone, jute and cork. All are organic or mineral and there is no mineral oil content, says Gerflor.

It is claimed to be non toxic, even fulfilling tough regulations for children’s toys, is certified by established eco labels and is biologically degradable at the end of the product’s life.

The collection is also described as naturally warm underfoot and suitable for underfloor heating, as well as being antibacterial, resistant to fading and permanently antistatic, therefore not attracting dust, and having excellent resistance to stains and chemicals.

Maintenance is assisted by PUR or LPX durable protective coatings. PUR is described as a 100% pure, solvent-free, UV-curing polyurethane, offering resistance to stains and chemicals as well as hand and surface disinfectants and also to heel marks and scuff marks.

Mapei has developed a system of EC1 low emission of VOC accredited products said to complement the installation of linoleum.

Mapeproof 1K Turbo is a single component polyurethane damp proof membrane claimed to require no mixing and therefore no waste. To assist with the subsequent bonding of a levelling compound Eco Prim T is a universal acrylic primer suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces.

Latexplan Trade, the ammonia and protein-free self levelling and smoothing compound, with low-odour and high compressive strength can reportedly be used for the installation of linoleum. Alternatively it offers Ultraplan Renovation Screed, a fibre enhanced, flexible self levelling and smoothing compound for thicknesses of between 3-30mm per application.

Ultrabond Eco 520, is a water-based adhesive suitable for linoleum. It is described as non-staining and non flammable, yielding around 55sq m per 15kg unit.

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