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Match Performance With Personality

Hospitality and leisure environments have a diverse range of flooring needs, with an equally varied choice of solutions available – the trick is matching performance with personality, as Fleur Carson, key account manager from Forbo Flooring Systems explains: 

THE key consideration for hospitality and leisure clients is their customers’ experiences in that venue. Design is prominent in this interaction and therefore, although the practical requirements of each application area are clearly important, installers must also consider the character of particular establishments when selecting floorcoverings.

A good quality entrance system is the first opportunity to make an impression – while protecting the rest of the flooring installation from footborne dirt and damage. When choosing a system, installers must take into account both the traffic type and volume, as areas of high footfall require a heavier duty system – for example, a busy mid-range hotel entrance has much greater needs than that of a small, boutique guesthouse.

What’s more, as the colour and design options for entrance systems have increased considerably in recent years, there is no longer any need for only standard black mats. Instead, consider choosing an entrance flooring system in vivid shades reflecting the rest of the venue’s design scheme.

Further into the building, it’s important again to consider the environment and atmosphere the client wishes to create. For hotels, textiles are often the floorcovering of choice, as they help create the comfortable ‘home from home’ feel for guests.

When installing textiles, it’s worth recommending a modular format as this offers greater long-term value as individual carpet tiles can be replaced easily without the need to take up the whole floor – perfect for dealing with the spillages and damage inevitable within the sector.

Modular floorcoverings are a versatile solution for hospitality and leisure environments, where different application zones may exist within the same building. They can be combined with Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) to differentiate specific ‘zones’ within the design, such as bars, lounges and reception areas for example.
Some manufacturers offer integrated portfolios that can be colour coordinated across the product ranges, to deliver a coherent approach throughout the interior.

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