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Mix It Up with Stylish Hardwood Planks

It’s hard to go wrong with the warmth and charm of hardwood floors. If you’re planning on adding a wood floor to your home, why not consider something a little different: hardwood plank floors?

Plank hardwood board widths range from 3” up to 17” wide! If you’re intrigued by wider width flooring but don’t know how to take advantage of its design features, here are some ideas to fire up your imagination.

Tips and trends using hardwood plank floors

The width of individual boards of hardwood plank floors will have a dramatic influence on the final look of your floor. Select the look you like best and one that harmonizes with the style and architecture of your home.
The larger the room, the wider the plank. Wide-width planks, 5-12”, work well and are more scale-appropriate in mid-size and larger rooms. Extra-wide planks, 12-16”, evoke a colonial-era feeling and can work in smaller rooms decorated in that style. Planks less than 5” can make a large room look busy.
Knots, burling, worm holes and other character marks show the wood’s visible history to a greater effect in wider planks.
Mixing board widths is an easy way to enhance the one-of-a-kind look of hardwood plank floors. Mix width planks are available as a complete flooring system or you can ask your flooring retailer to design a custom pattern for your room. Here are examples of mix width patterns:
– Alternate 2-1/4” & 3-1/4” boards in small rooms
– Alternate 3” & 5” boards in larger rooms
– Mix 4”, 5” & 6” boards for a subtle, random pattern

Select hardwood plank floors with a finish that creates the décor style you want. Smooth and polished planks have sophistication, especially in deeply hued species like hickory or cherry. Hand-scraped planks have shallow, sculpted furrows and soft, pillowed edges that create a look of casual comfort and unfussy style. Then there’s the rustic, weathered look of distressed hardwood plank floors. The heavily textured look, emphasizing details like gouges, scrapes and nail holes, is totally unrefined yet distinctive for its timeworn beauty.
Even though hardwood plank floors have a style associated with bygone times, they look perfectly in step with modern design. Imagine a neutral, light maple plank with its wide, clean lines and satin smooth finish. It’s the perfect backdrop for contemporary minimalist décor.
When you’re decorating your home in your own style, remember that something different and fresh, like hardwood plank floors, can be the anchor for an amazing new room design.

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