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Modular The Answer For Offices

Jason Holmes, head of design textiles at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains key elements of office flooring design: THE floor is the single largest component to any building and one which often is the first thing you see as you step inside, so creating a lasting impression. Aside from being functional, the floor can be an integral part of the overall colour and design of any interior.

For contractors, however, the trick is knowing how to combine the individual elements together to form a stylish design that not only ticks the box when it comes to the ‘wow’ factor, but that also performs in terms of maintenance, installation and costs.

It’s here that modular formats provide the ideal solution; they are extremely cost effective, as they are easier to handle and can be installed more quickly. They can be bulk ordered in the required quantities and produce less installation waste, representing better value for money to the client.

This is where the ability to source multiple products from one supplier is crucial for contractors in providing solutions to clients that will deliver from inspiration to installation and beyond.

This was certainly the case for leading media buying agency Media.Com, based in Leeds, who sourced products from Forbo in the refurbishment of an old mill to serve as their new office.

Atul Bansal from the Sheila Bird Group was commissioned to design the scheme. Colour and pattern played a vital role in the interior design, as Atul explains: ‘It was really important that we brought the space to life. MediaCom has a vibrant brand personality so it was essential that this was translated into the design – and like all personalities, we wanted to convey that it has multiple layers.’

Throughout the design, contrasts in colour and pattern create visual markers to highlight activity zones such as workstations, meeting areas and chill out spaces. As modular floorcoverings, the carpet tiles lend themselves perfectly to this sort of application, as well as mixing easily with other materials depending on the performance requirements of each area.

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