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Naturally Healthy Flooring

It is important that you choose flooring that can make your home beautiful and at the same time environmentally friendly. In light of this, cork flooring will be the healthy choice for your home and office. Because it is naturally made from anti-allergenic materials that are renewable, it can contribute in creating a healthy indoor environment without endangering ecologic balance. Cork flooring’s unique cellular structure and composition is what produces some of its remarkable characteristics. Its unparalleled features make it the most outstanding option for your home.

Lets dig deeper at what cork flooring can do to make your home floor more secure and entirely, more healthy to live in. The outermost layer of cork flooring consists of Suberin, a naturally occurring, waxy and waterproof substance of cork barks. The helpful Suberin is highly hydrophobic, which means, it does not attract or accumulate water. As such, cork flooring can prevent water from penetrating your floor’s surface, making it less prone to damages. It is also because of this that cork flooring is also moisture resistance. This type of flooring material possesses great advantages over other varieties of wood flooring. And when wetness is a concern, it can readily answer to the need, without much hesitation. In addition, suberin also helps repel insects, pests and mites. This makes cork flooring an impenetrable barrier for nearly 40 common species of insects including termites. And it can also act as an antimicrobial material, preventing the cultivation of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Microbes will not be able to thrive in or on a cork floor.

On top of that, suberin also provides for the naturally fire resistant quality of cork flooring. It aids in preventing the release of toxic gases or fumes when cork flooring is burned. Cork flooring is indeed safe to use for adults, pets, children and the elderly. It’s also care and maintenance friendly because it does not absorb pollen particles or dust and does not shed fiber of any kind. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the cork floors is quite easy. In addition, cork flooring does not produce any irritating smell and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This makes it a great choice for houses of those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory infections. Now, flooring manufacturers such as IFloor, produce some of the healthiest flooring choices, including the all time favorite hardwood flooring. Other great flooring options included in its portfolio are bamboo flooring, laminate flooring and, of course, the ever health and environmentally friendly, cork flooring. These are just some of the flooring that you can make use of to improve your well-being.