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Need Flooring Before The Holidays? There’s Still Time

If you’re like many, the holidays have crept up on you, you’re expecting guests to arrive soon and you desperately need new flooring installed before the holidays. The good news is that there’s still time to get it done, but it is time to get moving.

Typically, this time of year is the busiest for the flooring industry, as many are thinking the exact same thing you’re thinking right now. And at this stage, it might be difficult to have your floor professionally installed.

It’s not impossible, but many flooring retailers are booked through the holidays and you might find yourself having to perform the work yourself. Fortunately, today’s floors are very easy to install and many require no glue or nails for installation. These floors are typically known as “click floors” or “click flooring” and can now be found in every type of floor you can imagine.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a hardwood floor for a formal dining room. Even if you’re not the handiest person on the block and have no experience installing floors, you shouldn’t be afraid to tackle this project. A floating floor installation is easy and doesn’t require many tools to get the job done. Also, no one will ever know the floor wasn’t professionally installed.

Do-it-yourself floors like this can save you hundreds or more on installation costs and are now available in click bamboo floors, click cork flooring, click laminate flooring and even click vinyl flooring that’s very durable and far more advanced than to what we’ve become accustomed.

For the best selection of these floors and the most competitive prices, the internet is usually the place to shop. It’s now true for most things and certainly true for flooring. The items are usually in stock and shipping, depending on the company, is typically very efficient and will allow you time to have your flooring installed by the holidays.

Between the time your floor is being shipped and arrives to your home, you can spend that time prepping the area to be installed. Remember to allow time for the floor to be acclimated to the temperature of your home, which typically takes 48 hours.

And maybe most importantly, everyone would like to save as much money as possible. There’s still time to do that, but not much. Some companies can fulfill the order in time without your having to pay expedited floor shipping prices, but the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to complete a flooring project before the holidays.