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New & Exciting Designs From Gerflor

With a huge choice of 22 contemporary colours, newly-launched Mipolam Accord 300 and EL7 are the latest offerings from leading floorcovering manufacturer, Gerflor. Designed specifically for optimum performance and stunning aesthetic appeal, specifiers will benefit from a variety of new and exciting features for a massive range of applications. These include antistatic, antibacterial and fungicidal resistance for invaluable protection in healthcare establishments and high-traffic areas.

Mipolam Accord 300 presents a densely-compacted surface for improved wear and ease of maintenance. The UV-cured polyurethane surface treatment provides a permanent ‘no polish for life’ solution. In addition to the colour choice, the floorcovering offers versatile aesthetic appeal, with a semi-directional design incorporating coloured chips that are dyed prior to being added to the raw mixture. This process ensures an even and uniform colour throughout the thickness of the product.

“This is a high performance, flexible, homogeneous multipurpose floorcovering,” comments Hazel Cook, marketing manager at Gerflor. “We also offer a complementary collection of electro conductive (EL7) floorings, perfect for areas such as computer rooms and operating theatres which have sensitive equipment.”

Mipolam Accord 300 joins the rest of the Gerflor vinyl floorcovering portfolio in terms of its environmental responsibility, being 100% recyclable. It has also received an unbeatable A+ environmental rating by leading research, consultancy and third party certification body, Building Research Establishment (BRE).

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