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Now You Can Leave Scabbing To The Turkeys

THIS month I will discuss the impact of old adhesive residue on subfloors, and offer a quick and professional solution to the problem.

Some flooring installations can be problematic for contractors as they are faced with the often difficult task of removing old adhesive residues. These can include bitumen and carpet tile tackifiers, which are firmly bonded to the subfloor and leave varying amounts of residue on the surface when an old floorcovering is removed.

When using most subfloor preparation products it is advisable to remove all residues and contaminants before installing any new products, to ensure a good bond is achieved. In many cases this will require mechanical preparation of the subfloor by using methods such as grit blasting or scabbling. This can be time-consuming and costly, particularly on larger projects.

However, there is a high performance alternative available that is ideal for those installations that are subject to tight timescales or challenging subfloor quality.

n Challenging subfloors: Normally, the application of a smoothing underlayment over old adhesive residue is not advisable for guaranteeing a professional, durable finish.

This can be due to the strength of the underlayment, combined with the initial expansion and shrinkage, which may cause the softer residue to debond from the subfloor causing the entire installation to lift and crack, ultimately resulting in total failure of the floor.

Where contractors are looking for a professional, successful flooring installation, without the hassle of removing adhesive residues, specifying a smoothing underlayment that can accommodate this problem floor is the ideal choice.

High performance alternative: A new F Ball smoothing underlayment provides contractors with a professional solution to this type of problem floor as the high performance product can be applied directly onto the floor surface and over firmly bonded adhesive residue, without the need for mechanical removal or priming.

Formulated for the professional flooring contractor, the product incorporates fast setting and drying characteristics and offers a cost-effective alternative to others available on the market, while offering a high quality finish guarantee.

Developments that allow contractors to overcome problem floors quickly and efficiently, while guaranteeing a professional finish, are highly desirable in modern flooring installations.

A fast drying, professional flooring solution that overcomes the challenge of adhesive residue contamination is one that can offer contractors real time and cost saving benefits, and the reassurance of a successful, high quality finish.

Stuart Whiteley is from F Ball and Co
T: 01538 361633

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