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Flooring adhesives fulfil a number of different challenges:

Bostik offers a range of high quality tiling adhesives. OPF is a one-part flexible tile adhesive designed to be totally non-slip with high water resistance. It has been formulated for thin and thick bed applications in fixing large format floor tiles, natural stone, porcelain, terrazzo and slate. It is said to offer exceptional flexibility, high bond strength and be suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Bostik Vitri-Flex is a flexible, rapid setting adhesive for adhering most non-porous tiles such as porcelain, fully vitrified, natural and artificial stone tiles, to most standard floor substrates.

It is reportedly suited for fast track applications, as it allows tiles to be grouted after only 2 – 3 hours. Because of its flexibility, it can also be used on more demanding bases such as WBP plywood overlay and other substances subject to limited vibration or movement, says the manufacturer.

Bostik Stone-Flex is a white cement based adhesive for thick bed applications up to 25mm. It is described as strong, flexible and water resistant and eliminates the need for an admixture when used with full vitrified tiles, glass or porcelain. It is said to be suitable for fixing large format floor tiles, natural stone, porcelain and slate.

F Ball and Co says its established Recommended Adhesives Guide (RAG) on adhesives and floorcovering compatibility is an essential tool for all flooring contractors.

F Ball works with manufacturers constantly to update information in the RAG, to ensure that the adhesive recommendations remain accurate. The materials used in floorcoverings, skirtings and covings change frequently, reflecting advances in manufacturing techniques, which is why it is essential that contractors always consult an up-to-date version of the RAG before selecting an adhesive.

For example, there is an increasing trend for floorcoverings, skirtings and covings made from heterogeneous materials, which contain multiple layers. These coverings combine design, safety and ease of maintenance, and are becoming more commonly used in commercial environments such as schools and hospitals, where safety is a priority.

The nature of these materials means that contractors need to check for the correct adhesive recommendations in the latest version of the RAG, or use the interactive, online version on the F Ball website.

The company guarantees all of its adhesives, but only when used according to the instructions contained in the RAG, which features over 5,500 adhesive recommendations for floorcoverings, endorsed by over 200 leading manufacturers.

Floorwise offers F555 multi-purpose flooring adhesive, which is described as a rubber/resin-based adhesive that is great for use with carpet, giving excellent initial grab and a strong, durable and permanent bond.

Another all-purpose product, F544 acrylic flooring adhesive is formulated to produce a high degree of initial tack for an immediately secure bond. Fast working and sure to keep flooring firmly in place, F544 is developed to further reduce the chance of plasticizer migration so it can be confidently used for a variety of vinyl and vinyl tile installations.

The company’s F522 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive is said to be suitable for both wet and dry laying. Formulated to dry to a permanently tacky finish, it can also be used as a release adhesive, or for permanent bonding if laid into wet.
Alternatively, F592 contact spray adhesive is offered for adhering various floorcoverings, including vinyl, carpet, underlay, as well as PVC skirting. The product is said to be capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 100degC and therefore suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Now available in 17kg canisters for large area work, new nozzle technology allows installers to apply adhesive quickly without compromising on bond quality.

Instarmac says its Ultra Tile ProFlex SP+ES is an extended set one-part flexible floor and wall tile adhesive. It designed to be suitable for interior and exterior use in wet or dry conditions.

This S1 adhesive is formulated with extended workability for large format and intricate porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tile work. It is said to have exceptional adhesion and flexural capacity, making it suitable for situations where vibration may occur.

It conforms to BS EN 12004 C2ET, is polymer modified and can reportedly be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Kerakoll offers flooring adhesives for carpet, vinyl, linoleum and other resilient flooring. These include Slc Eco 45/3, Slc Eco R3, Slc Eco Grinkol and Slc Eco Grintak M. All are single-component, water-based and solvent-free.

Slc Eco 45/3 is said to be suitable for absorbent substrates for PVC, cushion flooring, carpeting and materials backed with rubber or PVC up to a thickness of 2mm. The product was recently used in the refurbishment of the John Lewis Exeter store for all of the adhesives and carpet tiles in the office area.

Slc Eco R3 is said to work well on PVC coverings on both floors and walls and can be used on surfaces with very little absorption. Grinkol is a high tack adhesive for PVC and carpets and can be used on any substrate of mineral origin whether it is absorbent or not.

Grintak M is for use with linoleum, standard and needle-punched carpets and felt backed PVC on absorbent surfaces. It can be used on walls or floors.

Mapei provides the full system for installing wood. Its adhesives range includes one-and two-component polyurethanes to sililated polymer-based for installing all types of wood: Engineered boards, T&G floorboards, blocks, mosaics, decking and steps.

Many of these adhesives are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, like Ultrabond Eco S955 1K, a one-component, solvent and isocyanate-free sililated polymer adhesive with a very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (Emicode EC1 R Plus) for all types of engineered and solid wood. Mapei says it has been developing solvent-free and low VOC emission products for decades and many of its wood adhesives are certified GEV Emicode EC1R Plus.

Mapei offers new Ultracoat Aqua Plus, described as a filler of high residual solids content for mixing with sawdust for filling joints in wooden floors; Ultracoat Universal Base, a one-component, rapid-drying basecoat; Ultracoat Premium Base, a two-component base coat with high insulating properties; Ultracoat Easy Plus, a one-component polyurethane varnish for floors with frequent pedestrian use; Ultracoat High Traffic, a two-component polyurethane varnish for floors subject to extremely high levels of pedestrian use; Ultracoat Oil, a natural drying solvent-free resin for treating wooden floors, said to give a warm rustic effect finish; Ultracoat Oil Care, a natural drying resin oil for finishing floors treated with Ultracoat Oil for ongoing maintenance and to refresh old floors; and Ultracoat Universal Cleaner, a concentrated detergent for varnished or oiled wooden floors.

Pallmann offers a ‘straight talking’ course to walk you through the five steps for preparation, installation and maintenance of wood floors. The session provide hands-on training for all aspects of wood flooring and it’s free to attend!

Pallmann’s training sessions are held at its technical forum in Rugby. Call: 01788 530 080.

Its wood floor installation systems are claimed to be fail safe when used correctly. Hence it offers a two-year warranty for those who attend each of its Five Steps training sessions for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.
Sika has developed a new range of soft flooring adhesives designed to work with carpet, lino and vinyl flooring products.
The new range comprises SikaBond Carpet-1, Carpet-Uni, Lino-1, Vinyl-1 and Floor-Uni products, all developed for use in a variety of applications and offering a solvent-free one part adhesive.

SikaBond Carpet-1 and Carpet-Uni products are designed for use on all carpet, and between them are designed to ensure the bonding of most materials. Easy to apply onto the floor surface, both products offer a very strong initial grab coupled with high adhesion ensuring that once the carpet is laid, it will not ripple or move out of place, making it suitable for high traffic areas such as commercial buildings.

Similarly, SikaBond Lino-1 ensures bonding of linoleum, while SikaBond Vinyl-1 ensures the bonding of all types of PVC / vinyl flooring. Vinyl-1 is pressure sensitive, designed to ensure there is no movement from side to side. However, it can be lifted up and removed if needed.

Finally, SikaBond Floor-Uni is a practical all-in-one product said to combine the benefits of all four adhesives in a product that can be used with a wide variety of carpet, lino and vinyl flooring materials.

All five products are said to be easy to apply and are compatible with underfloor heating systems. The bonded floor surface can be worked on immediately, says Sika, allowing fitters to roll the covering whilst walking on the previous section.

Sika’s complementary trowel range helps to ensure the controlled application of soft floor adhesives. Available in different sizes to suit the job in hand, the trowels come in A1 – notch size of 0.5mm; A2 – notch size of 1.3mm; B1 – notch size of 2.6mm; and B2 – notch size of 2mm versions.

T&R Floor Covering Distributors offers a range of flooring adhesives for next day delivery. Available from extensive stocks, leading brands include Ardex, F. Ball, Laybond, Tremco and Uzin. Adhesives are offered alongside flooring options and accessories, with expert specification advice.

Products include permanent and peelable bond flooring adhesives for carpet, cork, rubber, tile, wood, underlay and vinyl, as well as epoxy products, deck sheathing underlayment and marine primer. T&R also stocks preparation products, including admixes and aggregates, repair and smoothing compounds, membranes, industrial floor systems, primers and screeds.

Uzin provides ‘high quality yet affordable’ products, including Uzin KE 2560UK, described as a powerful solvent-free carpet adhesive to install all common carpets and textile coverings within interior locations. It is said to have a quick initial grab, yet be easy to spread and produces a high final strength. It can reportedly also be used to install carpets over warm water underfloor heating systems and allows carpets to be cleaned using spray extraction cleaning systems, says the company.

Uzin’s adhesives’ range comprises 15 products, forming the basis of the Uzin loyalty scheme, which allows you to collect points, which can be exchanged for gift cards. Loyalty club members can choose from high street retailers, supermarkets, travel companies or spa and event days.

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