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Outsiders Using The CFA Logo Is A Scandal

THEY say time flies but I really can’t believe my two years as CFA President are nearly up, but what a two year tenure it’s been. Watching the impact of the UK economy on our industry has not been a highlight, and I am sure few of us have escaped its impact and will probably go on feeling its troubled effect for a few years to come.
However, the troubled economy has brought more than just difficult trading conditions; more it brings a ‘cheapest quote wins’ tendering bias where quality and craftsmanship seem to matter little. This is a real shame, but it does highlight how competitive it is out there and why membership of the CFA is important if only to endorse our credentials and add a point of differentiation over just price.

In fact this point brings me neatly to highlighting those companies out there who carry the CFA logo and are not members. Whilst it angers me a lot it also saddens me as those companies clearly see the benefit it brings and probably reap considerable rewards too, yet sponge off the back of other companies’ efforts and subscriptions that contribute to driving up the credibility of the flooring industry.

Apart from the nasty taste it leaves and the theft of every CFA member’s credibility it damages the reputation of the industry too. Membership can easily be checked through the CFA website and I urge all of you to promote this fact to customers.

Why not mention the CFA website check on any communications and tenders as you may raise a little suspicion and prompt a check of those other quotes that sit alongside yours on the selection criteria table.

If you know of anyone who is using the CFA logo and is not a member, we would be interested to know via an email to if only so that initially we can invite them to join! If your one of them, have a browse around the CFA web site, and check out the many benefits of membership. It really is more than just a logo!

Moving on and returning to my time as CFA President, I can honestly say I found it enjoyable as well as educational with the oppor tunity to meet and discuss flooring industry issues, giving me a much wider understanding of the sector beyond my own. I include product manufacturers as well as the contractors as for the most part, all seems to take pride in what they do and see the need to continually drive standards and quality up whilst dealing with the ever-present and constantly evolving legislative changes and difficult

trading conditions.

I’ve covered quite a few topics in these columns and I apologise for any rants if that’s how they’ve come across. Many of the issues are ever present, especially that real bugbear of mine which is the lack of common sense when it comes to health & safety, but I doubt that’ll change any time soon?

What the future holds for the flooring industry is as much uncertain as it is unknown, but I do know that when we finally start seeing the ‘green shoots of recovery’ a CFA member will be in the best position to capitalise on

the optimism.

As I say thank you to everyone for their support and for the privilege the post of CFA President has been, it leaves me to welcome my provisional successor, Alan Gayle from A G Flooring, who no doubt will bring some great enthusiasm, ideas and knowledge to the post and be the ambassador that will enhance the work of the CFA maintaining the flooring industry’s rightful place as one of the most important parts of the construction sector.

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