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The correct finish is vital for achieving a good appearance:

Bona haslaunchednew lacquers ahead of the Flooring Show! New Bona Resident Plus is a one component, NMP free, polyurethane lacquer which, although designed for domestic environments, reportedly does not compromise on quality.

Surpassing one component Bona Novia and with an improved performance compared to original
Bona Resident, new Resident Plus is said to offer great chemical and wear resistance.

Bona Wave is a new two-component lacquer which sits between Bona Mega and Traffic and is claimed to offer considerable improvements over Mega, including increased two- component style durability, and a clear, non-yellowing formulation. With Wave, contractors can offer an on trend, natural looking finish as an alternative

to Mega.

New Bona Traffic HD has been reworked to reduce solvent content by 40%, to increase durability and to enable floors to be back in full use in 24 hours. However Bona emphasises that the usability of Traffic has not changed and characteristics contractors like, such as its viscosity and ease of application have not been changed.

Fila haslauncheditsGreen Line range of water-based finishing products. Designed for fast and safe application on porous surfaces, Fila W68 is a stain-proofing protective agent designed to be both oil and water repellent and penetrate unpolished surfaces, without altering appearance or creating a surface film. It can reportedly be
used on both internal and external surfaces – from terracotta kitchen floors to natural stone patios and

pool surrounds.

Available in one litre and five litre units, Fila W68 is said to require no dilution and can be applied using a brush, fleece or airless pump to surfaces with residual moisture.

It can also be used as a protective basecoat, before the application of wax, and is suitable for application on frost-treated tiles, says Fila.

Other Green Line products include water-proofing Fila HP98 designed to treat natural stone and terracotta, indoors and outdoors.

It is claimed to penetrate without forming a film or altering appearance.

Externally, it is said to prevent efflorescence and wear caused by atmospheric agents and, like Fila W68, can be applied to damp surfaces, frost-resistant tiles and internally it can be used alongside traditional wax treatments. Fila HP98 is also claimed to prevent chewing gum adhesion. Green Line includes a pre-grouting protector, surface cleaners, protective toning agents and stain removal solutions.

Floorstock hasbeena national supplier of leading lacquer and oil brands for four years. Tom Case, the md, says he is very careful to ensure that only quality products are supplied. ‘There are so many products on the market, so we feel it is important to be able to offer not only the leading brands, but also to support our

customers technically.

‘We are aware of problems through incorrect advice or difficulty in obtaining the correct technicalinformation,particularly when customers need an answer immediately!! We have personally tested and used all of our abrasives, lacquers and oils and know that the products perform to a high standard and are easy to work with.

‘Our customers are proud of their ability to sand and finish floors to high standard, and the products we supply give them confidence of success on every project.

‘All Floorstock staff, including Wayne Haslam, sales and technical manager, have years of practical experience in wood floor installation and renovation. We can offer excellent technical advice and back up of all lacquers, oils and maintenance products as well as free technical advice, specification writing and site inspections. We also provide on- site training on sanding, lacquer application and cleaning and maintenance.’

Products supplied by Floorstock include finishes from Junckers, Bona, and Osmo, plus high quality adhesives, tools and abrasives. Free nationwide next day delivery is available on online or phone orders over £150.

Granwax productswere used to refurbish the beautiful wooden floors in Liverpool Town Hall, a building which dates back to the 1790’s.

Three of the building’s ballrooms had seen more footfall than any other part of the Town Hall and their floors were beginning to reflect this. The oak boards were showing signs of scoring, staining and wear, with many areas having lost their original protective seal.

‘Although the floors were cleaned on a regular basis it was 20 years since they were last professionally refurbished, so they were starting to look tired and extremely worn,’ explains Alan Ray, md of the Traditional Flooring UK, which was commissioned to refurbish and revive the flagging floors.

‘It was a very large project with all three ballrooms making a total area of 989sq m,’ says Alan. ‘Refurbishment was enough to bring the floors back to life in two of the rooms, but the third room required a completely

new floor.’

Over three weeks Alan and his team stripped back the wooden floors in two of the rooms, removing stains and remnants of previous finishes, while helping to create a more even surface. In the third ballroom they installed a new oak floor.

To protect the new and refurbished floors, all three rooms received four coats of Granwax’s Hardwax Oil, a blend of natural oils and waxes designed to offer exceptional durability and resistance especially for floors with high levels of footfall. It also helps to enhance the colour and look of the wood, says Granwax.

‘This was a highly sensitive project so we had to ensure it was completely dust-free throughout
the renovation,’ says Alan. ‘However, due to the many events held in the Town Hall we had to ensure the floors were durable and resilient, whilst retaining their beautiful colour and appearance, which is why we chose Hardwax Oil from Granwax as the finish.’

Havwoods Accessories,asupplier of floor seals and lacquers, oils and waxes established for 40 years, recently merged with a multi-national supplier of abrasives, floor nailers, sanding machines and consumables, power tools, moisture meters and safety workwear.

Havwoods offers ‘everything for the flooring contractor, plus outstanding personal service, training and

technical support’.

Cliff Hayes, marketing manager, says ‘You can sum up what we represent in three words; solutions, stock

and service.

‘We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and pride ourselves on delivering what you need, when you need it; on time, every time. Our distribution centre has a big stock for next-day delivery.

LT P describes its Mattstone H20 water-based impregnating sealer as suitable for all types of natural and artificial stone and other types of masonry surface both internally and externally.

Establishedin1984,LTP manufactures stone cleaning, sealing and maintenance products. It supplies over 700 stone, tile, fireplace and kitchen showrooms in the UK, and also exports to China, Ireland, Romania and Spain.
Last summer after 18 months of researchanddevelopmentLTP launched Mattstone H20, designed to offer the best possible results at a realistic price.

‘Our chemists considered all the raw materials available, mixed these to create various ormulations. We tested these against various criteria such as stain resistance, longevity, and water beading,’ comments technical director Mark Atkins.

‘It is important to ensure the sealer you choose protects your stone from oil-based stains as well as water; that’s the tricky bit from the chemistry aspect. After nearly a year on the market, we are delighted with the performance of Mattstone H20, which shows resistance properties equal to our traditional spirit

based Mattstone.

‘Provided the finished surface is regularly maintained with a suitable maintenance product, such as LTP Waxwash, Mattstone H20 should provide the end user with a trouble-free and essentially odour-free impregnating sealer.’ says Mark.

Mattstone H20 retails at £25.15 (+ VAT) for 1 litre or £100.59 (+ VAT)for 5 litre. The product is is available directfromLTPorfromover700 LTP stockists.

Osmo offersaWood Protector and UV-Protection Oil to protect and preserve wooden flooring, wherever its location. ‘Wood offers warm, distinctive qualities, both aesthetically and physically, that no synthetic material is able to replicate,’ says Steve Grimwood, Osmo UK’s md.

‘However, when used in bathrooms and kitchens, it will absorb moisture, and can be prone to shrinkage

or warping.

‘Our Wood Protector solves these problems, allowing wooden flooring to be used in these spaces as a durable, hard-wearing and great-looking alternative.’

Based on natural oils and waxes and safe for interior use, Wood Protector is designed to complement the properties of the wood, allowing it to retain its breathability and elasticity whilst making it resistant to water.
It will also prevent the wood from becoming dry and brittle, while also reducing the effects of shrinkage or swelling, says Osmo.

It is reportedly safe for interior use as it contains no organic biocides.

It is designed to penetrate the surface of the wood deeply to protect from inside the wood’s surface. Application is by brush or by dipping.

Designed with SPF 12 protection oil for exterior wood, Osmo’s UV-Protection Oil is said to inhibit the effect of sunlight on wooden decking, balustrading, furniture and cladding, and reported to give 12 times the UV protection compared to untreated wood.

It is claimed to prevent the colour from greying or fading to ensure the wood retains its attractive appearance

for longer.

Wood Protector and UV- Protection-Oil are available directly from Osmo UK and from its nationwide network of stockists.

Pallmann MagicOilErgo from Uzin is described as a breakthrough in the application of hard wax oils for wood flooring. The combination of natural oils and waxes is said to leave an open, breathing and diffusive surface.
Due to the wax content a uniform matt surface is reportedly produced that is rapid drying (within two hours) becoming fully cured after 12 hours.

This rapid drying process, even in extremely heavy wear areas (hotels, schools, offices etc) allows renovation work to be completed in the shortest time possible. The cross-linking action is claimed to produce a water and dirt repellent surface that cannot be achieved with one-component parquet oils.

Magic Oil Ergo allows installers to apply the oil in a standing position, allowing a faster installation and providing relief for the back and knees.

Pallmann says it offers a full system solution comprising a range of high quality products for wood

floor installers.

Rubio Monocoat supplies Stauf finishes, oils and care products for wood surfaces. German manufacturer Stauf recently launched a range of professional products to treat wooden floors, all free of NMP (N-Methylpyrrolidone); while its oils are free of cobalt siccatives for drier acceleration.

In addition to its quality adhesives, the company also provides joint filling binders and primers, waterborne and conventional finishes as well as oils for sealing and cleaning.

Certain Stauf adhesives and surface treatment products are undergoing the application procedure for the GEV Emicode EC1 licence and for the German Federal Environment Agency certification to achieve the Blue Angel ecolabel. All Stauf products submitted reportedly passed with top marks in the preliminary tests.

Stauf’s aqua Easy Clean and aqua Protect & Clean products are described as a new system that is much more practical and easy to use, even for homeowners.

The special formula of the products are said to dispense with the need for layer formation.

Whether the surfaces are varnished, oiled wooden surfaces or prefabricated parquet floors, the application of two Stauf products is all that is required to ensure the cleaning and care effect.

The wood no longer disappears slowly under a dull and often milky coating, but is allowed to radiate, maintaining its original appearance right from the start, says the company.

Universal Sealants spent 18 months developing a Natural Stone Impregnator which allows for just one application to all natural stone surfaces.

Incorporating Micromesh Technology, Universeal One- CoatT impregnator is claimed to be the only product that eliminates the need to apply multiple coats to porous natural stone.

Extensive stain tests have reportedly proved that other impregnators examined required two, three or even four coats to offer comparable One-CoatT protection results. Universeal launched both solvent and water based Nano-Seal and Micro-Seal formulasinMay.

For further information on any of the products mentioned, contact the suppliers directly. And please remember to tell them that you read about their companies in CFJ:

Bona 01908 525150
Fila 01584 877286
Floorstock 01455 848839
Granwax 01773 541177
Havwoods 01772 696600
Kahrs 023 9245 3045
LTP 01823 666213
Osmo 01296 481220
Pallmann 01788 530080
Rubio Monocoat 01422 824394
Universal 0844 248 0581

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