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The correct floor finish can be vital for durability and appearance:

Arobitec AB says its goal is to reinvent the way floors are finished and refinished while understanding the goals of customers: to create the safest, most enduring and beautiful space as efficiently as possible.
The company states that floors need the most durable protection available, which it provides through unrivalled science.
Arboritec lacquers are built on a foundation of liquid ceramics, and are the result of years of advanced material-science development in liquid ceramics.
Coupled with this advanced science, Arboritec’s range includes lacquers that conform to the strictest environmental standards.
This is said to allow the company’s products to be specified with confidence and for floor owners to breathe easy knowing their floors are well protected.
Bona Mega was recently used to refinish the original oak floor in the dining room at Lady Margaret Hall, part of Oxford University. Bona Mega is claimed to have revolutionised the world of waterborne wood floor coatings in 1995 with its pioneering crosslinking technology.
The company reports that over 192m sq m of wood floors worldwide have been coated with one-pack Bona Mega, where its ‘oxygen crosslinking’ formula is said to deliver the durability of a traditional two-pack product to specifiers, contractors and floor owners.
Its recently improved formulation is claimed to offer great chemical and wear resistance making it suitable for domestic, commercial and public environments.
Containing vegetable oils, a renewable resource, Bona Mega is described as offering a sustainable, high performance choice. Like all Bona coatings, it is also NMP free.
Bona Mega is available in four sheen levels, including Extra Matt that combines a hard wearing surface with a very natural, almost ‘invisible’ finish to the surface.
The floor at Lady Margaret Hall was finished using Bona Mega Silkmatt by Oxford based flooring contractor, ACH Flooring.
British Nova reports that its NovaGard costs a little more than the standard metalised emulsions being used to protect and enhance the finish of flooring such as rubber, linoleum, vinyl, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood and cork floors.
What separates NovaGard from the rest, according to the company, is its durability and endurance levels (a full year in school corridors) and that it requires only a single coat.
The savings in product usage (5L covers approximately 250sq m), energy and labour costs outweigh the initial costs for this premium product.
Used in conjunction with the established NovaCare Antistatic Floor Maintainer, it is designed to leave a long lasting antistatic hard finish that requires no buffing. And when it is important to have a sanitised polished floor, then NovaTron Bactericidal Floor Maintainer completes the package to clean, disinfect and deodorise.
Fila has introduced a new solvent-free, stain-proofing protector – Fila MP90 Eco Plus. The new high performance sealant is LEED-approved and developed for polished and unpolished natural stone, and polished porcelain surfaces.
It is designed to be applied internally and externally – with some residual moisture – and its water-based formula is claimed to cut application time by up to 80%.
The product is also GEV-Emicode EC1Plus certified and said to be suitable for use on food contact areas. MP90 Eco Plus joins Fila’s Green Line – a range of water-based, biodegradable products that have a very low VOC content.
It reportedly provides protection against stains, without forming a film or altering natural surface colour.
As well as sealing a variety of surfaces, including tiles, vanity units and kitchen work surfaces, MP90 Eco Plus is also designed to provide weather and anti-graffiti protection outdoors.
It is available in 250ml, one litre and five litre containers; one litre of product provides approximately 30sq m coverage on stone and 30-40sq m coverage on porcelain.
General Finishes, which has been employing water-based technology for over 30 years, has launched Water Based Pro Floor System, described as market changing.
The product is designed to enable customer’s floors to be stained and sealed within a day with a great range of highly UV stable intermixable colours.
The new premium pigmentation that reportedly offers greater depth and clarity of colours and coverage than oil stains, but without the strong odour of solvent systems.
Pro Stains is said to offer brilliant colours, excellent UV stability using new premium pigmentation, VOC 2010 compliant, coverage 30% greater than oil stains, with no solvent odour and no combustion concerns. The product is designed to stain and seal in one day.
Pro Sealer is a self-crosslinking single component, 34% solids, acrylic sealer designed to be applied over Pro Stain the same day, saving time and labour.
Pro Image is a durable, consumer friendly one part, and self-crosslinking urethane/acrylic top coat.
Pro Shield is described as the most durable floor finish, a two-part professional urethane/acrylic that requires GF’s AZ catalyst.
The company’s products are demonstrated on youtube. It also operates through social media, including Twitter and Facebook.
Kährs maintenance range includes a variety of finishing products, for ongoing maintenance and refurbishment of oiled and lacquered wood floors. Tactile oiled finishes can be replenished with Kährs Satin Oil, which is designed for high traffic floors in public and domestic areas.
The range also includes Matt Lacquer, Matt Lacquer Polish and Silk Matt Lacquer for renovation and for floors requiring an additional finishing coat after installation.
Lacklustre satin and matt finishes can also be rejuvenated with Kährs Lacquer Refresher.
All finishing products are said to provide high coverage and long-lasting protection.
Mapei reports that its Ultracoat Oil range now includes natural and colour-pigmented wax treatments, designed to protect against stains, whilst enhancing appearance and durability.
The solvent-free oil and water-repellent finishes are described as safe, fast and easy to apply and feature a quick-dry formulation, enabling dual coats to be applied in 12 hours.
New colours are designed to complement natural timber tones. They include white, grey, black, walnut, American black walnut, mahogany and cherry.
Both the coloured and natural matt toned oil treatments are water-based; they impregnate the wood’s natural porosity to create a highly protective, long-lasting finish. All finishes are also compatible with Mapei Ultracoat finishing products.
Treatments can be brush or roller applied, or buffed into the floor using a white pad. A single-coat of coloured oil will provide a subtle tint, whilst two coats will create a deeper tone. Ultracoat coloured oils can be mixed together to achieve a bespoke base colour.
Once treated, the surface can be finished and maintained using Ultracoat Oil Care, for an oiled finish, or alternatively a coat of Ultracoat Soft Touch can also be applied, to provide a natural oiled appearance with the added strength of a lacquer.
In busy commercial environments, Ultracoat High Traffic two-component polyurethane varnish can be used as a finishing coat and maintained with Ultracoat WPM.
All Mapei Ultracoat products are low odour and have Class B1 fl s1 and C fl s1 fire resistance certification.
In addition, they reportedly do not contain any trace of NMP, a solvent that has proven to be a health risk, as it continues to emit harmful substances even after application.
Osmo UK, the company which describes itself as the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, says it has combined creative design and perfect protection to create Wood Wax Finish Creativ. This product is designed to offer not only visual enhancement, but also a finish that maintains the natural characteristics of your wood.
With fashions and personal tastes constantly changing, wooden floors can often become out-of-date or appear to be in bad condition.
Osmo’s Wood Wax Finish line can help solve these problems and allow homeowners to add a personal touch to their flooring.
It can reportedly be used as either a transparent or opaque finish for interior application and with a choice of eight colours that can be mixed together so that variation of shades and intensity can be created.
Wood Wax Finish Creativ should not be used on varnished wood, but is said to be perfect for use on oiled and stained flooring. Once applied, this finish still allows the wood to ‘breathe’ and retain its original elasticity preventing it from cracking, flaking or blistering.
Wood that has been treated with Osmo Wood Wax Finish Creativ is described as water-repellent, abrasion-proof and resistant to dirt and household chemicals.
It is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes and by being environmentally friendly, makes it suitable for use in children’s rooms and for toys.
With names conjuring up evocative images, the eight available shades are: silk, pebble, sand, coral, bamboo, fjord, black and snow. The intensity of the colours can be varied by modifying the frequency of the application.
A transparent, matt surface can reportedly be achieved by applying one coat with a natural bristle brush and then removing any excess material with a cloth.
If applied twice, a more opaque, slightly gloss surface can be achieved. However, the character and grain of the wood is still visible, says the company.
Pallmann reports that existing pre-finished solid or engineered wood floors can now be safely re-coated, even if there is little wood left to renovate.
This challenging problem is now said to be easily solved with Pall-X 350, a two component bonding agent developed which ensures adhesion between the existing surface and the new lacquer coating without any intermediate sanding.
Pall-X 350 reportedly provides a fast, uncomplicated and cost effective refurbishment of wood floor areas, even in cases where a conventional refurbishment seems impractical.
The product is designed for cases where an additional coat of protection is needed, corrections of sheen levels are necessary on newly laid pre-finished floors or in areas of light damage.
Additionally, the application of Pall-X 350 is said to provide edge protection and joint closure for newly laid solid and engineered boards.
Even the alteration of the sheen or the level of anti-slip can be adjusted on clients request with a subsequent lacquer coat, according to Pallmann.
The application of this product can also change an oiled surface to a lacquered surface without the need of a full sanding cycle, it is claimed.
QEP has introduced Vitrex Tile Seal & Protect 500ml for use on all wall and floor tiles to protect against oil, grease, dirt and water based stains.
Designed for the latest polished porcelain tiles, it is also said to be suitable for use on polished marble, polished granite, ceramic and all natural stone tiles.
Vitrex Tile Seal & Protect is described as an impregnator which penetrates into the surface of the tiles for advanced stain protection, leaving a colourless, completely natural finish & making the tiles easier to maintain & clean.
It is said to be suitable for both interior and exterior use with 500ml offering up to 25sq m coverage.
Tile Seal & Protect is part of a range of 12 products in the Vitrex Tile Care range, specially formulated to clean, seal, shine and protect all the different types of tiles available and to keep them looking like new.
The new range is packaged in silver bottles with high impact, eye-catching silver foil labels and colour-coded caps to differentiate between the different types of products.
Treatex challenged its own in-house lab technician to produce an easier to apply version of its Clear Hardwax Oil. After extensive testing she reportedly exceeded the company’s original demands.
Her new improved formula is claimed to be not only easier to apply but also has a higher oil and wax content and quicker drying! The new formula does not compromise any of the strengths of Treatex Clear Hardwax Oil.
The new product is reportedly still as durable, resistant to liquids with all of the company’s existing certificates (e.g. R10 slip resistance) still valid.
The new version of Treatex Clear Hardwax Oil also works in the same way with the company’s existing Hardener.
WOCA has developed a new wood oil system that is said to be completely ‘invisible’, in such a way that the oil treatment does not affect the original shades and appearance of the oak floor, nor does it build a film on the surface.
The new oil is designed to delay the natural effect of the light so that the newly sanded appearance remains intact for many years to come. However, it is inevitable that traditional wood floor oil will yellow the wood slightly, whereas white pigmented wood floor oil will leave colouring agents in the grain so the wood in time appears with a white colour.
The new system from WOCA consists of two products, with the treatment also in two steps.
First, the wood should be saturated and strengthened. This is done by using the basic oil WOCA Neutral Oil.
Hereafter, the surface turns strong and dirt-repelling by using the maintenance oil WOCA Neutral Oil Care.
Both oils are water-based and the whole treatment of the floor may be done in one day, says the company.
The new treatment is claimed to offer exactly the same strength and quality of established WOCA wood floor oils.
This means that the floor is protected by saturating the wood and strengthening its own natural properties.
Wooden floors can be cleaned with WOCA Natural Soap and maintained with WOCA Neutral Oil Care.
WOCA products are made in Denmark, and its new Neutral Oils are all supplied in the UK.

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