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Piping Hot

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular:

Floorwise saysits Thermaflow Impact carpet underlay has been engineered to work with underfloor heating
systems to ensure maximum energy efficiency and provide warmth, comfortandperformancethatlasts for years.

Rubber sponge Thermaflow Impact, 6.65mm thick, is designed to deliver a low-tog rating even when combined with carpet to enable maximum heat flow. It will not produce odours or degrade when exposed to high temperatures overprolongedperiodsoftime,itis claimed.

Said to be suitable for high footfall areas, Thermaflow Impact also reportedly provides impact sound improvement of up to 31dB. It is designed to absorb minor floor imperfections for installers looking for a multi-functional product.

Flowcrete hasdeveloped Isocrete project management service for main contractors and clients, designed to offer a single source route from initial project consultation process, to warranty and aftercare.

The service includes Flowcrete’s one-stop Floorzone solution, building up the floor surface from substrate to final floor finish, including energy-saving Isowarm underfloor heating, Isocrete floor screed, damp proof membrane, acoustic layer and Flowcrete floor finish, as well as a soft floorcovering if required.

Operating through the key stages of a project, the management process offers a bespoke service from initial consultation, product specification, product manufacture and logistics management, through to product installation from a trained Flowcrete approved contractor, all backed by a comprehensive product and installation warranty.

Isocrete Project Management md Kevin Storey, says: ‘Isocrete Project Managementenablesustoactasa principal contractor. Over the last 18 months, we have carried out £4m of contracted works across the UK. The service offers the financial security to carry out large contract projects and provides a single point of contact for both manufacturer and installation team.

‘The highest quality materials are used, and the process operates within the quality standard ISO EN 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001. Professional indemnity insurance is also available and Isocrete Project Management is a full member of the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers’ Association (UHMA).’

Gaia Climate Solutions nowoffers DEVIreg Touch, a new simple touch screen thermostat for underfloor heating. It boasts a 2in screen with a ‘click-fit’ design and set-up time of just 30 seconds. The thermostat is reportedly easy to install and compatible with other electric floor heating systems. It is claimed to reduce energy waste by up to 12% with features such as an open window function to prevent heat being wasted; it turns off the heating if the thermostat detects a significant drop in room temperature.

The heating control can be pre- programmed via the DEVI smart app or a computer and is backed by a

five-year warranty.

It has an accuracy of 0.5, according to EN 15500 and EU.BAC, and flexible timer programme with 15-minute time- setting, two comfort periods, and two set-back settings. DEVIreg Touch is available with or without a frame and is compatible with DEVImat and DEVIflex underfloor heating.

InstaCoustic says underfloor heating systems have traditionally been installed into concrete floor screeds which offer good thermal mass for transmitting heat efficiently. Disadvantages include another wet trade into the construction process and not being very controllable.

InstaCoustic and Polypipe Terrain have jointly designed a new underfloor heating solution. Their concept combines a high performance acoustic cradle floor with efficient heating units into one system, said to rival wet screed applications and deliver more flexible programme sequencing.

The InstaCradle floor is designed as a lightweight alternative replacing wet screeds and incorporating a fully adjustable levelling system. This is said to ensure a controllable underfloor heating system, with fast response times, that improves comfort levels and reduces thermal energy wastage.

Pentair Thermal M anagement (formerly Tyco Thermal Controls) provided heating for guests at London Syon Park, a Waldorf Astoria hotel, bordering on the 200 acre Syon House estate, country home of the Duke of Northumberland for over 400 years. Raychem intelligent underfloor heating system was specified for the 137 guest bedrooms.

The T2Red, self-regulating system is said to offer increased comfort while saving on heating costs and suitable for all floor types. It is designed to work by sensing other heat sources in the room, such as solar radiation, automatically adjusting its heat output accordingly.

T2Red with T2Reflecta systems, installed in the bedrooms, combines self-regulating heating cable with a pre-grooved aluminium covered insulation profile to reduce heat losses and provide increased energy efficiency and even heat distribution throughout the room.

T2Quicknet 160, a thin self- adhesive heating mat is described as providing fast heat up, and at only 3mm thick is suitable for installation under tiled floors. Raychem T2 Isolecta insulation board, combined with T2Quicknet 160, was installed in the hotel’s Kallima Spa.

Schlüter-Systems supplied Bekotec-Therm underfloor heating system for the home of David Scott, of David Scott Tiles, Belfast. The ocean-facing property called Scotts on the Rocks is at the foot of the highest peak in the Mountains of Morne.

It is built on two levels with the main level housing a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom and sheltered sea terrace.

A second level, downstairs, contains space for family and friends to stay and be entertained.

David comments, ‘I like to test products out myself by installing them in my own property as it then helps me to sell it with even more confidence. Bekotec-Therm is efficient and easy to install.

The depth of screed is what sets this apart from other similar underfloor heating systems. It requires a 30% thinner screed which helps distribute heat much faster and therefore uses less energy.’

Ian Knifton, divisional manager at Schlüter-Systems, comments: ‘Its low supply temperature of approximately 30degC, compared to the conventional 50degC or 70- 90degC in some radiator systems means Bekotec-Therm is extremely effective both with conventional heat generation methods and regenerative energy sources such as heat pumps or solar.’

The product comes with a five year warranty covering the whole floor assembly.


For further information on any of the products mentioned, contact the suppliers directly. And please remember to tell them that you read about their companies in CFJ:

Floorwise 01509 673974
Flowcrete 01270 753000
Gaia 0845 434 9488
InstaCoustic 0118 973 9560
Pentair 0800 969013
Schlüter 01530 813396
Timoleon 01392 363605

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